Why Are Gift Features Necessary for Magento 2 Stores All Year Long?

every day is a holiday sale
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There is nothing unusual in running special sales for Valentine’s Day or Cyber Black Friday nowadays. A great opportunity to sell more shouldn’t be missed, ever!

Every merchant runs several great discounts here and there and enables a few tricks to stir the demand up. And once the celebration is over, related discounts and tricks are dismissed as redundant. What is not entirely right.

Which typically non-holiday days can be festive for people?

Aside from less widespread, unusual, or plain weird holidays, any person has several important days they would like to commemorate. The tradition requires not to arrive at birthdays, weddings, anniversaries, and university graduations empty-handed.

The list can go on, however, the pattern will be the same. The day to celebrate is different for each particular person, but it has quite the same requirements of giving a gift to one we care for. Thus, there is a demand for gifts that persists outside of traditional holidays. And it’s always nice to have few tools to convert this demand into a steady flow of purchases occurring all around the year.

Gift-related features for your Magento 2

Magento offers a pretty great tool to start with - Wishlist. Without it, the gift recipient loses the possibility to request something particular without reminding each BFF that this gizmo is what they want. And the gift sender has to guess or ask (what is not always an option) what the recipient would like to receive.

On the other hand, store owners can’t foresee what product will need a few extra units in stock for this purpose. That can be simplified greatly with the help of our Wishlist extension. Once a customer adds anything to a Wishlist, our extension will automatically update the table with the most desired products.

Say, your customer has added 2 scarfs to the wishlist. With our plugin, you will see these items on the table in the backend. There you can see what products are more popular among your customers and use this data for refilling your stock with the right goods solving the main reason for the dead-stock problem.

magento 2 wishlist extension example

If there’s a gift, there’s also a need for gift wrapping as well.

Unwrapping is a sort of ritual on its own. This is a thrilling sensation associated with guessing what’s inside the box, and opening it may result in so much more positive emotions than simply taking the stuff from the gift-giver without proper packaging!

The wrapping itself can be a problem. Different occasions require different wraps. Awaiting the gift, then looking for an appropriate wrap, guessing, if all these things would arrive on time, it can be rather stressful.

So to save your customers nerves, wrapping can be offered as a service along with giftable products - and that’s where Gift Wrap extension comes handy. It supports gift wraps, gift message cards, allowing/disallowing to be wrapped per-product, tax classes - thus, everything required to start offering gifts packaging all year long without developing the whole process from scratch.

With the Gift Wrap extension, wrap choice will always be at hand for your clients: at the product page, cart, or checkout. The gift can be packaged using quite plenty of options without leaving the current page!

magento 2 gift wrapping extension example

Just a few clicks are enough to start providing this service. Enable the extension, upload the wrap image, define the price for it, and everything is ready!

And for more exquisite demands, more advanced options, such as tax handling, are also available. Please check the user guide for the details.

magento 2 gift wrapping extension settings

And for cases where there’s no certainty what to offer as a gift, Gift Card can do wonders. No need in asking one’s crush about preferences, you can even remain anonymous, while being sure that the person-in-question will receive what was desired most!

Ready to provide printable gift card images, the extension also allows online delivery with email preview.

magento 2 gift card extension example

The gift recipient can save the Gift Card code at the customer account or use it to get whichever item one would like to receive. The unspent balance can be used through the same code afterwards.

magento 2 gift card extension checkout example

Making a new Gift Card product is as simple as adding other product types! Just don’t forget to create a new Code Pool and to upload your custom Gift Card Images, if necessary.

magento 2 gift card extension settings

The conclusion

Never underestimate the importance of a gift, regardless of how small or under which circumstances it has been given. An anniversary, an excuse, a sign of goodwill or, simply, the need to have something special to give, may arise without warning. And if your store is prepared for fulfilling spontaneous demand of this kind with the gift wrapping, gift cards, and wishlist extensions, it will always be remembered first.

If you’re still in doubt whether a particular extension would fit your requirements or not, please don’t hesitate to read our FAQ section or address your question directly through the contact us form.
We’re always glad to assist!

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