Being in business for 10+ years, we know owning one is an effort-intensive matter.

Quite often, you don’t go for store improvements simply because there are no resources to examine the non-priority weak links.

This is where we are ready to help. In 2019, our experts audited 160+ websites worldwide and helped their owners identify and address weaknesses.

What does Amasty’s Magento site audit include?

  • Review;
  • Audit;

  • Report;
  • Post-audit assistance.

See how it works in detail.

What do you get?

Our specialists check your website upon request and send you a result report that includes a list of

  • problems identified and
  • possible solutions.

What do we get?

The audit allows us to better understand your problems and release relevant solutions. As experts in the field of Magento, we want to help the community through technical knowledge sharing.

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Magento audit by Amasty
Irina is an e-commerce specialist with a degree in foreign business communication, which helps her lead productive dialogue with Amasty customers and ensure that both parties are content with the negotiation results.

magento audit by Amasty
Alexandra is an e-commerce specialist with a degree in international business communication. With a profound understanding of Amasty’s products, she helps customers find an optimal solution meeting their current business needs.

What does the Magento audit include?

Our specialists have worked out a list of parameters for initial check:

  1. Loading speed audit;
  2. Website UX audit;
  3. Checkout process audit;
  4. Customer registration audit.

Moreover, after you receive the report and recommendations, our specialists provide after-audit assistance to answer the questions that may arise.


#1 Stage. Magento loading speed audit

Loading speed is the number one factor our specialists evaluate. According to SQSTA Research by Google, about 90% of users will leave your store if it fails to load in 5 seconds. Moreover, 75% of users won’t return to such stores again.

So based on the performance benchmark, our experts test the site with our internal speed checking system. Then they doublecheck the results with PageSpeed Insights and provide you the current report for desktop and mobile versions. 85 is the score we consider optimal for both Google and website users.

In case you need improvements, our specialists send you a list of tools for cache management, code and images optimization.


#2 Stage. Magento UX audit

Simple UX is what drives conversions and prevents cart abandonment. Our specialists check your website for operational simplicity, availability of basic navigation elements (menus, catalogs, filters, etc.). It boils down to product pages, the in-store search, the speed of navigation through the home-product pages.

Conducting the UX audit, our experts rely on Amasty’s insights supported by 10-year statistics on basic in-store elements that facilitate conversions.


#3 Stage. Checkout process audit

According to Baymard Institute, 23% of shoppers abandon their carts at the checkout due to its complexity. And the need to create an account makes 31% of customers leave the store. Our specialists revise your checkout and openly name the complications (if any).

Drawing on the experience of 160+ conducted audits, the problems usually involve the necessity to switch between numerous pages filling in multiple forms, redirects from page to page and back, and even Magento 2 customer registration. As a part of the Mobile Optimization Initiative, Magento calles for the ‘checkoutless’ process, read the blog post to see the details.


#4 Stage. Customer registration audit

The-fewer-steps-the-better rule also applies to the registration process. The principal is completely logical, however, 30% of the audited websites have broken it.

Our experts check your website for the possibility to log in in one touch and link the account to the socials. They review all the custom forms you’ve added and include best practices into the final report.

After the magento 2 technical audit is conducted, you’ll receive a final report with a list of individual recommendations and after-audit assistance from our specialists. Please, provide the email address you’d like us to send the results to.