Running an e-store is an effort-intensive matter. Store owners have to supervise numerous tasks to ensure seamless store operation, which results in a steady flow of customers and profit. So quite often they don’t go for store improvements simply because they have no time to examine the store work and single out the weak links.

This is where free Magento 2 audit service is of help. Our specialists check your website upon request and immediately offer relevant Magento 2 products that can help you solve the issue. Our experts offer a detailed process description with practice-based use cases.  But what do we look at?

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Meet our audit team – Alexandra Cherednichenko and Irina Remez.

alexandra cherednichenko audit

Alexandra Cherednichenko

Alexandra is Sales Specialist with a degree in international business communication. With her profound understanding of Amasty’s products, Alexandra strives to help customers find an optimal solution meeting their business needs.

 irina remez audit

Irina Remez

Irina Remez is an Amasty’s Sales Specialist specializing in customer communication. Irina has a degree in foreign business communication, which helps her lead productive dialogue with Amasty customers and ensure that both parties are content with the negotiation results.

Our specialists explore the store paying special attention on the problematic areas, such as:

  • Loading speed
  • The site UX
  • The checkout process
  • Customer registration

Relying on best practices and fresh stats, the specialists recommend store owners Amasty products that can help address the challenge. Below we present the audit process in detail.


Loading speed is the number one factor our specialists evaluate, and it’s not surprising. According to SQSTA Research by Google, about 90% of users will leave your store if it fails to load in 5 seconds. Moreover, 75% of users won’t return to such store again.

So our experts bear that stats in mind and test the site with our internal speed checking system. Then they doublecheck the results with PageSpeed Insights and provide you the scores for desktop and mobile versions. For smooth performance, the score should be no smaller than 85.

In case you need some improvements, they advise you to try the tool for Magento 2 cache management. It will help you speed up your store using cache. It will allow decreasing pages loading time and improving user experience, which leads to a better conversion rate and higher search rankings.

Another viable solution our experts offer is a tool for optimizing Magento 2. It allows you to address page speed issues comprehensively. You’ll manage to optimize JS and CSS, resize images without quality damage. The module is also SEO-friendly, which will help you rank higher in Google.


Appealing and simple UX is what drives conversions and prevents cart abandonment. Here are the key points to ensure:

  • Operational simplicity;
  • Appropriate visual elements (menus, catalogs, etc.)

It boils down to checking product pages, the ease and speed of navigation through the store and the in-store search specifics.

When doing that, our experts rely on their knowledge of basic e-store elements that facilitate conversion. They design recommendations basing on their experience and global e-commerce statistics.

Basic recommendations here involve navigation-centered modules, such as:



According to Baymard Institute, 23% of shoppers abandon their carts at the checkout due to complex process. Aware of this trend, our specialists revise your checkout and openly name the complications (if any).

The problems usually involve filling in multiple forms, redirects from page to page and back, and even Magento 2 customer registration. The need to create an account makes 31% of customers leave the store. There is a prevention method. Check the box below.


To help you simplify the checkout, our experts may also offer another tool – M2 Single Page Checkout. It will help you save customers’ time and effort, and thus enhance their satisfaction, and stimulate repeat purchases.


This is another aspect our specialists pay attention to. Our experts look for ways to improve the store SEO data to match more Google’s ranking factors and help you stand out in Google Search. It helps to meet or at least mitigate another e-commerce challenge – tough competition.

How does it work?

First of all, our experts look at rich snippets, which are among the factors that boost the page ranking. They check your store with Google Structured Data Testing Tool. In case you’re not imploying rich snippets, your click-through rate goes down by up to 30%. Besides, 70% of snippets are pulled to zero position from sites that aren’t in the top 10 search results, so they increase your chances of being spotted by potential customers even if your Google ranking is not too high.

To make enabling rich snippets and running other SEO tasks simpler for you, our audit specialists recommend an all-in-one SEO solution. SEO-friendly navigation, clear URLs, relevant product and meta tags, Google rich snippets as well as carefully built HTML and XML sitemaps will significantly improve your SERP rankings and enhance customers’ shopping experience.


Our audit specialists are professional marketers, so they may provide recommendations regarding other e-commerce aspects, such as:

  • Returns and refunds (and yet another e-commerce challenge). They make a pain point for online retailers, as 41% of shoppers make a purchase with the intent to return some items. At the same time, smooth returns make a repeat purchase factor for 96% of shoppers, which ensures customer loyalty. There are ways to make the Magento 2 return management simpler for admins and shoppers and even to profit from returns using in-store credits, and our audit specialists will prompt you to the suitable solutions to save your time and efforts.
  • Marketing campaigns and promos. Consumers love promotions, and about 30% of them don’t mind getting new promos every week. Is it possible to meet this challenge? With a suitable Magento 2 tool, it is manageable. Our experts will  offer you a range of Magento 2 promo modules to choose from.


Magento 2 technical audit is a sought-for service: our specialists receive up to 40 audit requests each month.

It’s no wonder, as the service offers important benefits:

  • You’ll have your online store checked by a competent third party;
  • You’ll save lots of time and efforts on selecting suitable solutions – best-fitting options solving your store’s key challenges will be presented to you without delays;
  • Magento 2 audit at Amasty is free.

Your store is under-performing? Request the audit and have it checked.