What should I do if Google Merchant Center rejects my feed?

The errors related to .xml file content can be viewed in the report file available for download from your Google Merchant Center account.

The above-mentioned report file is quite detailed and even shows the line in the feed file that contains an issue or missing required data for the particular attribute.
Among the most frequently reported issues after submitting the feed to Google Merchant Center are:

Invalid or missing required attribute: price

Price is a required attribute and all the products you want to be in Google Shopping should have the price set. The price won't get into the feed if the product is disabled in Magento admin or if Magento indexes are not refreshed as the actual prices are getting into the feed each time the feed is being generated. Here you can read the full definition of 'price' attribute. Invalid or missing required attribute: link

The same goes for the link attribute. If it is missing in the generated feed file the first things to check are:

  • Products are enabled.
  • Magento indexes should be up-to-date.

Here you can find the full definition of 'link' attribute.

Invalid or missing attribute: description

This is a required attribute that must be present in the feed file for each individual product. Here you can learn more about 'description' attribute.

XML formatting error

In most cases, this error appears when your feed has special characters inside tags. To get rid of this error, please, use HTML escape option for the attribute listed in the report file. Please, note the line number in the error message, then open your XML feed file and check the aforementioned line. Note the tag used in this line, then open feed profile, find the tag and add a modifier “HTML Escape”. Don't forget to hit 'Update' button and 'Save' the feed: how-to-use-html-escape-modifier

Unknown ‘google product category’ value

In order to submit the feed to Google Merchant Center, your store categories must be mapped in accordance with Google requirements. Category mapping requirements for <g:google_product_category> attribute can be viewed here. 
Google taxonomy structure (categories tree) is available here.

Invalid or missing recommended attribute: image link

Please, look through the definition to make sure your image links are correct and match Google requirements.
In case links are pulled into the feed file only partially, for example, without the store domain name, please, make changes in the feed profile for the <g:image_link> attribute. Please use "Image|Thumbnail" attribute to include full image URL in the feed file: how-to-insert-full-image-url

We hope the above information will be helpful.

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