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Magento Extensions

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Login as Customer
Login as Customer M1

The extension helps store managers to provide visitors with better service by assisting them at checkout and solving other difficulties right in the customers' accounts. Login as any customer in a mouse click.

  • Use the 'Login as Customer' button to identify your store weak points
  • Take a fresh look at your store with the visitors' perspective
  • Enable particular user roles to login as customers
  • Track and store all login attempts
  • Manage login attempts log and set up automatic clearance
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Image Optimization
Image Optimization M1

Improve your online store performance for Google and your clients by optimizing the size of the images. With the help of the Magento image optimization extension, you will not lose the quality of your product images and will increase your ratings in Google PageSpeed Insights.

  • Boost your online store effectiveness
  • Significantly compress images in Magento 1
  • Preserve image quality after compression
  • Make your product images SEO-friendly
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Growing competition makes e-commerce store owners look for new ways to win the higher positions in the Google search ranking. Magento Minify extension is among the most simple yet effective solutions to achieve a better score in Google PageSpeed Insights and get the corresponding benefits for the whole business.

  • Optimize the website code structure
  • Minify JS in Magento 1 to boost store performance
  • Improve CSS structure
  • Compress product images
  • Rank higher in Google
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Product Categories
Product Categories M1

If you have a store that sells parts, e.g. printer cartridges, spare parts, accessories, then this extension is a must-have solution for you. With it you can show all categories, where a product is listed, on the product details page and make the customers confident to place orders.

  • Customers are sure they find the right component
  • Show the list of compatible products at product page
  • Display categories as links and improve SEO
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Search By Ranges and Categories
Search By Ranges and Categories M1

Make the advanced search correspond to its name!

  • Effectively narrow down the search
  • Let the customer find what he wants faster
  • Adjust search by the attributes you need
  • Improve your store usability
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Free Shipping After Discount
Free Shipping After Discount M1

Take free shipping over total control with an advanced calculation tool. Provide free shipping based on cart subtotal after a discount to make delivery cost processing maximally precise.

  • Offer free shipping based on cart value after a discount
  • Make free shipping calculation accurate
  • Configure the extension just in one click
  • Bring shipping management to a new level
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Merge and Disable Customers
Merge and Disable Customers M1

Easily merge multiple client accounts together to keep all customer information in one place. Automatically transfer customer and order related data to the main account and disable unnecessary profiles.

  • Merge multiple customer accounts
  • Transfer orders and order-related data
  • Accurately shift delivery addresses
  • Transfer reviews, ratings and wishlists
  • Deactivate unnecessary and merged accounts
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Facebook Reviews Extension
Facebook Reviews Extension M1

Attract user-generated content to your Facebook pages. Gain more credibility and engage more customers.

  • Display Facebook reviews on product pages
  • Involve customers in your social activity
  • Customize the reviews block
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Zero Product Sales
Zero Product Sales M1

Add a special 'Zero Sales' report to find out which of your store items are not selling. Sort products by type, status, price and other parameters to keep track of all zero sellers. Modify special price right on the grid to improve your marketing strategy and boost profits.

  • Detect zero-sellers and low-performance items
  • Generate reports within specified time period
  • Export reports data to CSV and XML files
  • Disable particular products right from the grid
  • Apply mass actions to change special prices
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Detect Missing Pages
Detect Missing Pages M1

Be aware of what pages people can't find in your store! This is a must have tool for each on-line store.

  • Record Magento pages that are opened as 404 - not found
  • Find from where customers are redirected to the 404 pages
  • Find out missing URLs, especially after site migration
  • Check your theme CSS for links to missing images
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Product Alerts Reports
Product Alerts Reports M1

Get more revenue through better stock management and pricing!

  • Optimize your pricing to get maximum profit
  • Restock only the products, for which there's proven demand
  • Track price change and 'out of stock' subscriptions
  • Sort Magento stock reports by the number of subscribers and SKUs
  • Let customers subscribe for options of configurable products
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