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Magento Extensions

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XML Google® Sitemap
XML Google® Sitemap M1

Create an XML Sitemap for your site in an easy and efficient way. Help Google to correctly index your web store and increase positions in search results.

  • Include product, category, cms pages and tags
  • Add any extra links
  • Apply steadier Ajax-based step-by-step sitemap generation
  • Configure Hreflang to let Google know what content to consider
  • Set max item quantity per file
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Custom Form
Custom Form M1

Create any kind of web form for maintaining contact with your visitors, collecting additional info and creating e-mail database with ease.

  • Customize forms with different types of input
  • Add numerous forms on the same site page
  • Make important fields obligatory
  • View submitted data from the admin panel
  • Use Google Invisible reCaptcha for spam protection
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Smart Review Reminder
Smart Review Reminder M1

Encourage your customers to share their experience in reviews and reward them with special offers.

  • Easily collect numerous product reviews
  • Dispatch reminder emails in automatic mode
  • Customize the email template
  • Apply automatic coupon integration
  • Get the statistics of your email campaign
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Customer Attributes
Customer Attributes M1

Customer Attributes Magento 1 extension is a powerful tool to get the necessary data directly from your customers in an easy way. Place fields on registration page to know age, preferences and interests, receive documents and all other information you may need.

magento 2 data migration
  • Add unlimited number of fields to registration page
  • Effectively manage the collected data in admin panel
  • Multiple field types supported, dependent attributes, etc
  • Find out personality and behavior of your clients
  • Activate new customer accounts manually
  • Conduct an effective customer segmentation
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Custom Stock Status
Custom Stock Status M1

Use speaking stock statuses and get more chances that customers will come back for purchases!

  • Create unlimited number of product stock statuses
  • Assign stock statuses to products automatically or manually
  • Display out of stock options of configurable products
  • Use nice-looking icons for stock statuses
  • Display stock statuses based on product quantity
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Shipping & Payment By Customer Groups
Shipping & Payment By Customer Groups M1

With the extension you can set access to payment and shipping methods by customer groups according to your business goals.

  • Manage access to payment and shipping methods by groups
  • Customers see only the methods assigned to their group
  • Ability to provide privileges to certain customer groups
  • Shipping quotes only based on available methods
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Product Parts Finder
Product Parts Finder M1

Create product filters based on key criteria, which help to locate the right products very quickly. Make it easy for customers to find spare parts and components - add year-make-model or similar filters to your website.

  • Year-make-model and analogous product filters
  • Display product finders at home page and category pages
  • Add unlimited number of product finders
  • Create filters with unlimited number of selection options
  • Optimized for large volumes of data
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Pre Order
Pre Order M1

Find out which products enjoy greater popularity and restock your items accordingly. Display customizable stock statuses. Enable customers easily pre order necessary products.

  • Let customers pre order store products
  • Analyze customers’ demands
  • Fill the stock according to customers’ needs
  • Create pre order notes
  • Launch pre-sale campaigns
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Landing Pages
Landing Pages M1

Good landing pages give you better sales conversion and pages with unique content, which improve your site rankings in search engines. The module lets you decide which content to display on the pages - selected products, banners, text info, CMS blocks. You can specify custom meta tags and short SEO url for each landing page.

  • Improve your site SEO to rank higher in search engines
  • Landing pages with Magento SEO-friendly urls and custom meta tags
  • Create pages for NEW products
  • Pages based on categories and product attributes
  • ON SALE products with layered navigation
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Auto Add Promo Items
Auto Add Promo Items M1

Automatically add free promo products to cart. Offer promo items with discounts and inform customers about promotions with catchy banners. Make little surprising presents and customers won't hesitate about returning to your store!

  • Optimized for mobile
  • Offer promo items with a discount
  • Display catchy banners and promo items on product pages
  • Clearly indicate promo items in the cart
  • Configurable & bundle products support
  • Works with coupon codes
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Generate and Import Coupons
Generate and Import Coupons M1

Import and generate thousands of coupons per shopping cart price rule literally within seconds. Export coupon codes for your affiliates. View coupon usage statistics. Start Groupon deals.

  • Generate and import unlimited number of codes for each rule
  • Work with deal hosting services like Groupon
  • View and export coupon usage reports, e.g. for Groupon
  • Ability to edit and delete each coupon code
  • Give coupons via URLs, e.g. via a banner link
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Product Attachments
Product Attachments M1

Provide customers with comprehensive information about products, such as user guides, warranties and so on, using attachment functionality. Let Product Pages sell more!

  • Amazing HTML5/AJAX file upload with drag and drop
  • Unlimited number of files and various file types
  • Download stats reports
  • Complete multi-store support
  • Nice icons for each file type to make pages more attractive
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Hide Price
Hide Price M1

Hide product prices and "Add to cart" button from guests or certain customer groups according to your business needs. Customize messages and buttons and personalize shopping experience in your Magento store.

  • Hide prices on products/categories/groups
  • Disable adding to cart, comparison and wish list
  • Organize private sales in Magento
  • Choose customer groups who can view prices
  • Encourage people to contact you for pricing
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Meta Tags Templates
Meta Tags Templates M1

Automatically generate tags for category and product pages as well as for any other pages of your web store. Quick and accurate website SEO optimization will lead your site to the top in search results.

  • Meta info, keywords and H1 tag for products & categories
  • Generate short and full product descriptions
  • Generate meta tags for any store page by URL
  • Flexible templates with advanced parsing options
  • Set noindex or nofollow for site pages
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Duplicate Categories
Duplicate Categories M1

Spend moments, not ages to duplicate your categories accurately! A must have tool for multi-store setup!

  • Duplicate categories in a fast and correct way
  • Save all category levels during duplication
  • Keep product assignments in the duplicate categories
  • Find and replace content for duplicate categories
  • Save time spent on routine tasks
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