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Magento 1
Login as Customer

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Magento Extension Builder

Login as Customer for Magento 1


The extension helps store managers to provide visitors with better service by assisting them at checkout and solving other difficulties right in the customers' accounts. Login as any customer in a mouse click.

  1. Use the 'Login as Customer' button to identify your store weak points
  2. Take a fresh look at your store with the visitors' perspective
  3. Enable particular user roles to login as customers
  4. Track and store all login attempts
  5. Manage login attempts log and set up automatic clearance
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Identify problems that spoil successful conversions and find out what is preventing customers from becoming loyal to your store. The Login as Customer extensions provides you with the unique ability to look at your Magento store with the customers' eyes. On top of that, you can easily enhance your support efforts by getting to the required accounts without any credentials requests and accompanying shoppers at checkout.

Boost user experience with login as customer functionality

The Login as Customer extension enables store admins to easily perform three important actions:

Login as any existing customer in one click
Distribute the login as customer functionality between the admin users
Track all admin users actions related to visiting customers' accounts

Login as any customer

With the extension, the admin users can easily view customers' accounts with their own eyes. There are two simple steps to login as a customer:

  • Find the required customer and open it in the backend
  • Click the login as customer button to proceed to the account

Multi store support

On top of that, the module supports multi store Magento installation. When a customer is assigned to multiple store views, an admin user can select the particular store view to login as the customer to.

Magento Login as Customer Button
Magento Login as Customer Log

Complete login actions history

The Login as Customer Magento extension tracks all admin activity related to the module's capabilities. Every single login attempt is stored and can be viewed in details on the special grid.

Automatic grid cleaning

All records in the log can be removed manually or automatically. In the extension settings you can adjust the time period to erase the outdated login attempts and clear the log. Also, it is possible to restrict certain admin users to delete records from the log.

Permissions for admin users

The main store administrator can grant or deny access to the login as customer functionality for other admin and sub-admin users. Also, the access to the login attempts log can be provided or forbidden for particular backend staff.

Reasons to choose

Other Features

  • 100% Open Source — Easy To Customize
  • Follows Magento Code Architecture
  • Separated HTML/CSS/JS
  • Simple installation via Composer
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