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How to use "Percent discount: each 5 items with 10% off" action

The guidance below explains how to set up the action ‘Percent discount: each 5 items with 10% off’ of Special Promotions extension.

This action enables you to offer a percent discount in case customer buy a specified number of items.  

Let’s observe the steps of the action configuration.


Please open Admin Panel > Promotions > Shopping Cart Price Rules (click ‘Add New Rule’ button) > Actions.


Step 1. Choose ‘Percent discount: each 5 items with 10% off’ field.

Step 2. Use ‘Discount Amount’ field to indicate the discount amount.

Step 3. Use ‘Discount Qty Step (Buy X)’ to specify a number of items a customer should buy to get a discount.

Step 4. At the last step specify particular category(es) or SKUs to which the rule should be applied. On the screenshot below the rule will be applied to the items of 5 and 7 categories.


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