First MageWorx Solutions Are Available at Amasty | Updated 2021

First MageWorx Solutions Are Available at Amasty | Updated 2021
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Just in case you missed the news, after following several years of friendly cooperation with MageWorx, an experienced Magento extensions developer and services provider, we’ve entered into an official partnership.

It means that pretty soon, you will be able to purchase some extensions by MageWorx at our store. And as of today, you can purchase the Marketing & Sales Suite and Currency Auto Switcher extensions and subscribe to the Donations Suite release.


  • makes your product promo more persuasive well-supported by customer reviews and social proofs
  • automates collecting clients’ opinion with popups and email reminders
  • creates unique offers for individual customers to solve a specific sales task
  • moves impulsive and double-minded customers to buy with time-limited offers
  • creates a deeper connection with your customers building up a strong loyalty program

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  • adds numerous nonprofit and charity organizations your customers can donate to
  • provides users with full information about organizations they can donate to
  • accepts donations on the shopping cart page
  • sets suggested donations
  • accepts donations through Gift Aid to enable tax relief

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  • switches product prices to the users’ local currency based on their IP address to make the shopping experience more personal
  • associates currency to specific countries
  • sets currency rates and symbols automatically by importing data from rates provider
  • displays customers’ location on the separate grid and in order details to avoid fraudulent orders
  • blocks auto-switching for search engines and specific URLs, optimizing crawling and payments

1. Product search and selection made easy

It’s as simple as that. You come to one place and find all features you need for your Magento store. In doing so, you’ll use the checkout you’re familiar with, as well as keep and manage all acquired extensions, updates for them, and support from one customer account. All extensions are distributed via a single Amasty repository.

2. Financial risks reduced

Offering MageWorx extensions, we check them for compatibility with our solutions and guarantee their support to save you from resource-intensive problems.

3. Low communication costs

Armed with our live chat and support system, you will get a full consultation from our managers that are already aware of your Magento store specifics and previous communications.

4. Minimizing deployment, development, and support costs

You will get non-technical support for all the needed products and services on favorable terms from our company. For solving technical cases, we'll forward them to the vendor and follow the process from start to finish to facilitate it, as appropriate.

5. Increasing the efficiency of using our loyalty program

Now even more products and services fall within our loyalty program, giving you a chance to gain more store credits that you can apply towards your next purchases at Amasty.


Fill in this form below, and our manager will get back to you for further communication within 48 working hours.

More details are coming soon. Stay tuned, for that’s going to be exciting!

February 17, 2021
February 18, 2021
February 16, 2021
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