We are happy to present you our new Magento 2 extension – Push Notifications.

Use flexible settings to design prompts and any types of notifications. Deliver accurate messages to customer groups. Tie alerts to customer attributes or web store events and updates. Orchestrate multiple campaigns. Monitor campaigns performance with reports.

 Magento 2 Push Notifications features

According to the Localytics research, enabled push notifications make 65% of users return to an app (instead of 19% with disabled alters). This is because customers are more likely to check a message on mobile than to open an email.

The Magento 2 Push Notifications extension gives a comprehensive toolkit to re-engage shoppers. You get functionality to create personalized messages, manage campaigns, and monitor statistics to convince your shoppers to return and buy more. As the above research also shows, customers that get segmented push notifications are 3 times more likely to covert. So make sure you use all the settings to craft precise messages.



  • Design custom notifications by configuring flexible settings (the title, the body text, the logo, etc.);
  • Customize prompt pop-ups to encourage customers to subscribe. Choose the pages and the frequency of display, as well as use specific prompts for popular alerts (order status and back-in-stock);
  • Group customers based on location, subscription date, and source to make notifications personalized;
  • Send triggered notifications to inform customers about the order or stock updates and abandoned cart;
  • Configure multiple notification campings to meet your needs (set the schedule, frequency, lifetime, and target segments);
  • Test notification campaigns to ensure you deliver right messages to shoppers;
  • Generate reports to analyze and improve the campaigns performance. Check the changes in total clicks, total subscribers, etc.:


  • Collect info about subscribers to understand your target customers better;
  • Send geographically-specific notifications to be relevant to customers from different countries;
  • Re-engage customers with alerts regarding sales, promotions, special deals, and new arrivals;
  • Notify customers about changes in services and available updates.

Reach out to customers with the right message: