We are happy to present you our new Magento 2 extension – Cash on Delivery.

Let your customers pay cash when orders arrive. Increase your revenue. Attract new customers offering them the most secure payment method. Build customer loyalty. Use restrictions to make COD fit your business goals. 

magento 2 Cash on Delivery

In 2018, cart abandonment rate reached almost 76%, and the lack of payment options is one of the reasons for it. Online payment methods are all over e-stores, but not all customers want to pay for the goods in advance, fearing fraud. So how to solve this?

We’ve got a module to offer – Magento 2 Cash on Delivery. With this extension, you’ll manage to increase your profit, attracting new customers and improving the shopping experience for the regulars. Besides, you’ll be able to attune shipping and payment methods to your business needs.



  • Provide your customers with a reliable payment method: enhance their trust and build loyalty;
  • Increase your revenue: set up COD fees and charge your customers for using this payment method;
  • Enable ZIP-based restrictions: cancel orders from inconvenient locations with no damage to store reputation;
  • Choose a suitable data verification method: use a single setting to restrict either billing or shipping address depending on your business needs;
  • Connect COD with a particular shipping method: make it convenient for you and your customers;
  • Keep your customers well informed: let them input the ZIP code of their billing / shipping address in the order summary right before checkout to see the COD payment availability and show the relevant success / failure message;
  • Set up COD fee label to prevent misunderstandings: show the label on the checkout to make sure the customer agrees to the conditions.


Offer COD to increase customers’ trust and boost your revenue: