We are happy to present you our new Magento 2 extension – Google Page Speed Optimizer.

Auto-optimize images with no harm to quality. Set up a smart layout. Enable image loading when needed. Cut the surpluses: clean up your code and reduce the number of database queries. Improve your score in Google PageSpeed Insights.

 Magento 2 google page speed optimizer main features

Online retailers often come to a painful dilemma: what to choose, a beautiful but heavy UI or swift store performance? While about 80% of users abandon a long-loading e-store forever, 94% of them don’t give another chance to a poorly designed website.

Our new Magento 2 Google Page Speed Optimizer helps you improve your store performance with no damage to a catchy design. With this module, you will deliver high-quality images that weigh less, easily place JS where it suits most, optimize query processing and prevent order loss.



  • Compress bulky JPEG, PNG and GIF images automatically and preserve their quality for good UX;
  • Switch to lazy image loading: make images load only when users scroll to them;
  • Reduce code size by 10-20% applying HTML, CSS and JS minification. This way you will make web pages lighter while saving the valuable UI elements;
  • Pull JS to the footer and load key content first;
  • Optimize database queries: shorten them, reduce their number and processing time;
  • Display content updates without delays: prevent customers from seeing old web page versions loaded from cache;
  • Ensure fast store performance with no order lost. Store order data in a temporary location and move it to the Order Management grid;
  • Score higher in Google PageSpeed Insights with no damage to UI and UX.

Ensure top-quality UI in a fast-performing Magento 2: