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  1. Pre Order M1

    Find out which products enjoy greater popularity and restock your items accordingly. Display customizable stock statuses. Enable customers easily pre order necessary products.

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    • Let customers pre order store products
    • Analyze customers’ demands
    • Fill the stock according to customers’ needs
    • Create pre order notes
    • Launch pre-sale campaigns
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  2. Auto Add Promo Items M1

    Automatically add free promo products to cart. Offer promo items with discounts and inform customers about promotions with catchy banners. Make little surprising presents and customers won't hesitate about returning to your store!

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    • Optimized for mobile
    • Offer promo items with a discount
    • Display catchy banners and promo items on product pages
    • Clearly indicate promo items in the cart
    • Configurable & bundle products support
    • Works with coupon codes
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  3. Product Attachments M1

    Provide customers with comprehensive information about products, such as user guides, warranties and so on, using attachment functionality. Let Product Pages sell more!

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    • Amazing HTML5/AJAX file upload with drag and drop
    • Unlimited number of files and various file types
    • Download stats reports
    • Complete multi-store support
    • Nice icons for each file type to make pages more attractive
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  4. Hide Price M1

    Hide product prices and "Add to cart" button from guests or certain customer groups according to your business needs. Customize messages and buttons and personalize shopping experience in your Magento store.

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    • Hide prices on products/categories/groups
    • Disable adding to cart, comparison and wish list
    • Organize private sales in Magento
    • Choose customer groups who can view prices
    • Encourage people to contact you for pricing
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  5. Meta Tags Templates M1

    Automatically generate tags for category and product pages as well as for any other pages of your web store. Quick and accurate website SEO optimization will lead your site to the top in search results.

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    • Meta info, keywords and H1 tag for products & categories
    • Generate short and full product descriptions
    • Generate meta tags for any store page by URL
    • Flexible templates with advanced parsing options
    • Set noindex or nofollow for site pages
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  6. Delivery Date M1

    Enhance customers’ satisfaction by enabling them to specify preferable delivery dates and time intervals to receive orders. Easily define the dates and time available for delivery.

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    • Enable visitors to select days and time of delivery
    • Exclude any dates from your delivery plan
    • Let customers create delivery messages
    • Set minimal and maximum delivery intervals
    • Customize delivery data display according to your needs
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  7. Custom Order Number M1

    Take control over your order numbers. The extension enables you set any starting numbers and prefixes for all types of store documents such as invoices, orders, shipments, credit memos. Protect your private business info from your competitors and make your store more user-friendly.

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    • Set any starting numbers for all document types
    • Specify increment intervals and numbers length
    • Use prefixes and date postfixes for numbers
    • Mask important data to protect your business
    • Adjust numbers to your local legislation
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  8. Shipping per Product M1

    Automatic shipping calculators provide incorrect shipping rates? There is a solution! Now you can set flat shipping rate for each product. Handle heavy, lightweight or fragile items properly!

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    • Indicate individual flat shipping rate for each product
    • Forget about incorrect shipping rates
    • Use default rate for the products without individual one
    • Accurate data migration
    • Ability to specify minimal and maximal margins
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  9. Sales Reps and Dealers M1

    Take cooperation with sales reps and dealers to a new level. Assign customers to sales reps and dealers, so they can manage only their customers and create orders for them. Get convenient tools to control your sales reps and dealers.

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    • Divide customers between your sales reps and dealers
    • Reps can manage and create orders only for their customers
    • Assign personal managers to wholesale and VIP customers
    • Convenient tools to control and manage your dealers
    • Remove confusion between your staff members
    • Switch dealers between orders
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  10. Quick View M1

    Enable visitors to quickly view product details and add products to cart right from the pop-up window on a category page. Reduce time on catalog browsing and enhance customer experience.

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    • Product details preview on the category page
    • Ability to add products to cart/wishlist right from the pop-up
    • Quick view button customization
    • Redirect to shopping cart page
    • Ability to submit reviews from the pop-up
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  11. Extended Order Grid M1

    Extended Order Grid module makes order list page much more functional. This admin extension empowers you with such abilities as displaying all the necessary order info, including product images, on the order grid page, searching and sorting of orders by product name, SKU and other product attributes.

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    • Show all necessary product data on the order grid
    • Search and sort orders by product data - name, SKU, etc
    • Display product thumbnails on the order grid
    • Coupon codes, shipping and payment methods on the grid
    • See all product info without going to the order view page
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  12. Configurable Preselect M1

    Select an associated item of configurable product, which you would like to show by default. Attract customers and increase offers by showing the most popular combinations!

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    • Promote popular combinations of configurable products
    • Cut down time to figure out the options
    • Add combination to cart with one click
    • Simplify shopping in you online shop
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  13. RMA M1
    magento 2 data migration

    Equip your store with a powerful Magento RMA system. Create numerous custom request types and statuses. Provide visitors with advanced return/exchange opportunities and enhance their shopping experience.

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    • Easy RMA request management
    • All product types support
    • Guest RMA option
    • RMA requests per item
    • Unlimited custom statuses
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  14. Loyalty Program M1

    Reward customers with discounts using shopping cart rules and it will automatically increase average order amount and eventually drive more sales. Make customers stay with you instead of shopping at competitors’ stores.

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    • Create promos based on purchase history
    • Bundle products support
    • Stimulate guest customers to register
    • Clearly indicate discounts in the cart
    • Create promos for individuals and groups
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  15. Quick Ajax Login M1

    Let customers to log in on any store page thanks to handy login pop-up window. Provide customers with the best sign in experience using social accounts.

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    • Use handy Magento login popups
    • Add Ajax social login to your store
    • Let clients easily recover passwords
    • Reduce visitors’ registration time
    • Get more registrations
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