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Free Gift for Magento 1


Surprise store visitors with free promo items and products with discounts. Draw customers' attention to your promotions using catchy banners and product labels. Clearly show customer benefits on the shopping cart page.

  1. Automatically add free gifts to shopping carts
  2. Offer promo products with discounts
  3. Show free items and discounted products in the shopping cart
  4. Use banners and product labels to inform customers about promotions
  5. Display promo items in a handy popup or a shopping cart page block
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Free Gift

Increase customers’ satisfaction

Overwhelming majority of free gift receivers admit that they are more likely to buy products in a certain online store after getting a free gift. Therefore, when receiving free promo items customers get significantly satisfied and the effectiveness of your promo campaigns rises. This is an easy and very effective way to increase clients’ loyalty and prepare fertile ground for future revenue boost.

magento free gift
magento free gift
Create tempting promotions with free gifts and discount products. Inform customers about promotions with popups and catchy banners.

Let customers know they get products for FREE

While customers tend to ignore irritating traditional ads, promotional products are much more difficult to miss. Unlike TV commercials or magazine ads, free product samples seem to be a more credible promotional tool allowing clients try items in real life. By creating catchy messages for free items visible on the cart page, you clearly indicate that customers get a FREE gift, which is obviously a nice surprise for them.

Offer customers configurable products as free gift

If you choose a configurable product as a free gift, customers will be able to select product attributes or required custom options which are displayed on a handy pop-up window in the cart. Besides, the extension supports bundle products.

Choose whether to use free or paid shipping for promo items

Admin is able to set up whether the promo items will shipped for free or not. This is vitally important in case of delivering heavy-weight or dimensional goods.

Virtual products support

All online merchants selling virtual products have a great chance to create tempting promotions with the Free Gift extension. The module fully supports virtual products enabling you offer them as free gifts.

Responsive Magento themes support

The extension is designed to be fully compatible with responsive Magento themes. It meets the requirements of widescreen, tablet and mobile view.

Specify whether to add multiple promo items to cart or only one product

In case you use these actions:

  • Auto add promo products for the whole cart;
  • Auto add promo items with products;

you can choose whether to automatically add all specified free items to cart or let customers select only one item.

Show free gifts and discounts in a popup window or in a shopping cart page block


Downloadable products support

Software, e-books, images, music or video – any type of content that can be packaged into files and downloaded now can be offered to the customers as a free gift.

Automatically add downloadable items

Now you can automatically add downloadable products to cart as free gifts without asking for customer confirmation.

Advanced tax calculation for promo items

Easily enable/disable tax calculation for promo products that are offered with discounts to set tax policy according to your specific needs.

Unique prefixes for each promo rule

Now you can specify unoque promo items prefixes displayed for orders in the admin panel. With the option you can create a separate prefix for each particular rule.

magento free gift

Draw customers’ attention to particular products

Easily adjust flexible rules to your needs to promote new products by letting customers try them for free. You can also raise popularity of certain products by automatically adding them to cart. This will help you effectively regulate the sales of particular products and unload your stock.

  • Promote new products
  • Raise sales rate of less popular items
  • Manage your stock inventory

Form customers’ loyalty

This Magento free gift extension allows you to provide clients with numerous gifts in one order. Create unlimited number of rules per shopping cart and amaze your clients with numerous free promo items automatically added to their carts in case customers meet the conditions of several promotions at once.

  • Easily adjust flexible rules to your needs
  • Enable numerous gifts in one order
  • Build customers loyalty
magento free gift

Offer promo items with discounts

Now you can offer not only free promo items, but the items with discounts as well. Flexible extension settings allow you to easily specify the discount type and amount and display both prices (original/special and promo price) on the shopping cart page and in the popup.

Display Popup on Checkout Page

The option allows you to offer free gifts to your customers not only at the Shopping Cart page but also during the checkout process. With this option you get an additional opportunity to give your customers a positive shopping experience and increase loyalty.

magento free gift extension

Take advantage of tempting promotions

Create various types of promotions based on subtotal, product quantity and other cart attributes to encourage visitors add more products to cart. For example: ‘Free mug for orders of 4 or more products'. Set promotions based on:

  • Cart subtotal
  • Total items quantity
  • Total weight
  • Payment method
  • Shipping method
  • Shipping region

Stimulate customers to buy more

With Magento free gift product extension you get 4 new discount rules, which provide customers with free items either per shopping cart or per product/product group level. It gives you the opportunity to:

  • Regulate the number of promo items added to cart with each product
  • Automatically add to cart the same items as customer places to cart
  • Automatically add gifts for every $X amount spent (For instance, you can set a rule so that a customer will get a free T-shirt for every $500 spent. It means that if the cart subtotal equals to $1000 – the customer will get 2 T-shirts (one for each $500 spent).
magento free gift

Avoid doubling of the bonuses

Some products may be used in promo rules and as a part of free gift conditions at the same time. You can enable the option to apply only promo rules. For instance, according to a promo rule, customers buy a bag and get a mug for free. With the option enabled, if customers get a bag for free, they will not have a mug as a free gift.

More Advanced Settings for the Rules

More detailed settings available for the rule “Auto add promo items for every $X spent”. For $X value, you can add taxes in calculations. You can also use your web store or base currency to calculate row subtotal.

magento free gift module

Wisely manage your budget

It is not a secret the magic power of the word ‘Free’ is great, and customers will rather choose to get a free 10$ gift than a 15$ discount. Thus, providing customers with free gift with purchse is not only beneficial for your brand awareness, but for your budget as well.

  • Set particular brands and products as promo items
  • Regulate the number of promo items per shopping cart

Show clear way how to get promo items

Let your clients know what they should do in order to get a Magento free gift or an item with a discount. Now with the help of catchy banners and labels placed on product pages it will be impossible to miss any promo offer.

  • Use promo banners placed either on top of the page or above 'Add to Cart' button
  • Specify additional text and display it together with banners or instead of them
  • Display the list of promo items right on the product page
  • new!Allow or deny auto adding gifts for admin orders
  • Show promo banners either basing on a current product added to cart or on the whole shopping cart
  • new!Enable Promo Banners for each role separetely
free gift module

Find more ways to increase customers’ satisfaction

Use store credits as gifts

If you have the Store Credit extension from Amasty, you can combine the functionality of both modules and present store credits as gifts for your customers. It’s a good way to increase clients’ loyalty and motivate them to return to your store for new purchases and pleasant bonuses.

Product questions

What should I do if the free gift is not added to cart automatically?

We brought up a few tips which might help you effortlessly handle the situations when a free gift is not added to cart automatically. Please click 'Read FULL answer' link below to learn more about it.

Reasons to choose

Other Features

  • 100% Open Source — Easy To Customize
  • Follows Magento Code Architecture
  • Separated HTML/CSS/JS
  • Simple installation via Composer
* The name "Magento" and the logo are the trademarks of Magento, Inc.
Worthy extension
I love this extension. I wanted to let my customers choose from a few free products as my shop caters for men and women, so they should be able to choose relevant gifts.
The module worked awesome for this.
However, I emailed support with a few suggestions and they answered me only a week later. I wish they did it faster.
Nick W
Little module - big deals!
Customers do like discounts but free items they like even more that's true. We've just fall in love with this little module - just set the conditions and voila! Shoppers are happy to get free gifts we are happy to provide them with presents without any additional effort applied.
Boosts our conversions
Yep, customers have started buy more since we activated the plugin. We are totally satisfied with the results and hope to double our conversions by Christmas.
It really works :)
Our customers were really amazed when noticed they could get more than one free promo item per shopping cart. This feature seems to really work, as the sales rate of products involved in promotional deals are rapidly growing!
Must have module!
You know, guys? That's just what I've been looking for on Christmas Eve! As soon as all stores start their holiday sales, we also want to surprise our customers with nice gifts. Thanks to this module we've already launched some free items campaigns and have got a lot of positive reviews. Well done, Amasty :)

P.S. Now we know for sure how to quickly unload our stock :)
Torry G. Brown

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My Downloads
Version 2.7.13
Last Update: May 14, 2019
  • we introduced a new action - 'Add gift with each N-th product in the cart' which allows you to add gifts automatically based on the product quantity in the cart.
  • escape for SKU name was added
  • the ability to show product special price in popup was added
  • the note for settings "Add Simple Products Automatically, Without Confirmation" and "Add Downloadable Products Automatically, Without Confirmation" was added
  • the compatibility with the Amasty Shipping Rules extension was added
  • the issue with auto adding free gift in cart was fixed
  • the issue with applying several free gift rules in one cart was resolved
  • the issue with banner label position at media block was resolved
  • the issue with changing qty for second promo product was resolved
  • the issue with incorrect number of free gifts in shopping cart after changing product qty was resolved
  • the issue with Discount Qty Step was resolved
  • the issue with Content Staging process on Magento was fixed
  • security fixes
  • the issue with free items quantity after changing rule settings was resolved
  • the issue with tax displaying in a pop-up window was resolved
  • the issue with labels displaying on products images was resolved
  • popup design was adjusted
  • Localization updated
Version 2.6.5
Last Update: Feb 21, 2018
  • Stock Qty and Product Weight attributes are now available to use in Conditions
  • Changed default style for gifts popup. Now popup is wider so more gifts can be displayed.
  • Other minor fixes.
  • Localization updated
  • Fixed some JS errors.
  • A minor fix was made
  • Fixed rare loop situation
  • Magento Enterprise Edition compatibility improved
  • Tax\VAT calculation improved
  • Improved compatibility with Special Promotions and One Step Checkout extensions
  • Number of minor fixes
Version 2.5.2
Last Update: Aug 07, 2017
  • Older Magento versions compatibility improved
  • New option: apply next based rules on gifts added with the current rule or not
  • Internal improvements for products with custom options
  • Fixed bug when try to create rule with valid Promo Items Discount value
  • New feature: show gift on cart inside page block. Now you are able to set up show gifts in pop-up or on the cart page
Version 2.4.5
Last Update: Jun 13, 2017
  • "Skip if special price" logic was fixed
  • Stability improvements
  • Minor fixes
  • Banners logic was simplified
  • Field renaming for better understanding of rule's setting. I.e. for some rules the setting "Discount Amount" is renamed to "Number of gift items".
  • Fix for label "Prefix For The Promo Item Name In The Order" wasn't added when adding item by admin panel
  • Show reminder if gift is "out of stock"
  • Fix for products that are “out of stock” or “disabled” could be shown on banner
  • Fix for incorrect banner activation on product page (Validate condition based on = Cart) when product does not satisfy rule conditions
  • Fix for incorrect calculation for “Calculate Tax For Promo Items” in general settings
  • New feature to enable/disable Promo Banners for each rule separately
  • Added extra free gifts if bundle product is added through admin panel
  • Fix for Free gift was given with activated setting "Do not Offer Promos for Products with Special Price = Yes"
  • Fix for notification on successful adding of free gift on product page after page reload
  • Fix for error on getting gift when in Promo Item Discount field the value is set with characters other than numbers
  • Now final (discounted) price is taken into consideration, when filtering products on category pages
  • free gift is given for bundle product with special price and activated setting "Do not Offer Promos for Products with Special Price = Yes"
  • Fix for gift item was added automatically if this item is not free
  • Fix for Store View was no taken into account when creating order from Admin panel
  • Fix for automatic pop-up opening didn't work with empty value in Select Promo Block (System -> Configuration -> Promo items -> Popup)
  • Fix for grand total incorrect calculation when in Promo Item Price tab the value of Promo Items Discount is bigger than the price of free gift item
  • Now ignores spaces when filling in "Promo Items" field with SKUs
Version 2.3.14
Last Update: Dec 07, 2016
  • Fix for banner bug, in case when first child product in configurable was out of stock
  • Fix for missed CSS file path
  • Added ability to include/exclude tax, and calculation is now based on store/base currency for rule "Auto Add Promo Items for every $X spent"
  • Correct handling of tax
  • Added warnings about possible wrong configuration
  • Added hints for attributes usage
  • Now it is possible to add Store Credits as a gift, if the Amasty Store Credit extension in installed.
  • JS minification fix
  • Allow/deny auto adding gifts for admin orders
  • Minor fix for generating URL for cart update page
  • New option: Add Downloadable Products Automatically
  • Minor fixes
  • Option to show banners from all matched rules or show one banner only.
  • Fixed auto-adding gifts when customer removes main product from the cart multiple times.
  • New setting added. How to validate rules - for the current product only or for the whole shopping cart.
  • 3-d party checkout extension compatibility
  • Fixed banners display when the free gift is out of stock
  • Option to show offers based on current product only or whole shopping cart content
  • Tax calculation for not free promo items
  • Stability improvements
  • Option to set prefix for the promo items per each rule (previously it was a global setting)
Version 2.2.11
Last Update: May 11, 2016
  • PHP 7 compatibility and minor improvements
  • Minor improvements
  • Compatibility with Magento EE Gift Cards and stability improvements
  • Now it is possible to reward customer for each $X spent with conditions (previously the module took into account all products)
  • Small stability improvements
  • Fix for discount on invoice
  • Downloadable products support
  • Minor improvements
  • Show "Banners tab" for 'Auto add with products' and 'Auto Add the same product' actions only
  • Option to automatically add free items as well as items with discount
  • Ability to show labels and banners to highlight products with gifts
  • Ability to show gifts on product page
Version 2.1.0
Last Update: Aug 26, 2015
  • Better Full Page Cache compatibility
  • New setting "Show Popup on Checkout Page"
  • Store view selector to shopping cart rules is added
Version 2.0.9
Last Update: Jun 11, 2015
  • Popup window now works on mobile devices
  • Compatibility with Full Page Cache
  • Fixed reorder for orders with free gifts
  • Setting to open free item popup automatically on shopping cart page
  • New action: Auto add gifts for every $X amount spent
  • Option to disable error notifications when you add main products to the cart, but there is no free gift available in the stock.
  • Magento 1.4.1 compatibility fix
  • Add session message only for non-ajax requests
  • Minor fix related to required options
  • Url placeholder in notification text
  • Free shipping bug fixes;
  • Ability to add ALL items from the list or ONE item from the list;
  • Virtual products support and minor improvements
  • Nice popup (responsive) for products selection
  • Configurable products support
  • Paid shipping for free gifts (optional)
Version 1.0.9
Last Update: Aug 26, 2014
  • Fix for core magento bug with zero discount, free shipping and unlimited coupon usage
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