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What should I do if the free gift is not added to cart automatically?

See more details on Auto Add Promo Items page
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Adding free gifts to cart automatically may seem pretty easy to configure, however, now and then there are situations when customers are confused why the actual result doesn’t correspond to the expected one. 
We brought up a few tips which might help you effortlessly handle it. In most cases, one of those provides the solution. 'Read FULL answer' to learn more about it:

1. Auto adding is available for Simple, Virtual, and Downloadable products

Make sure your promo product is one of these types.

Other types are not supported as such products require specification (for example, configurable product – you need to specify the size and the color). And if it is ambiguous what should be added to cart, this feature fails to work.

2. Enable setting 'Add Simple Products Automatically'

The setting allowing to add promo items automatically should be enabled both in the rule (for Magento 1 specifically) and module settings:

Magento 1

auto add magento 1 module settings

auto add magento 1 rule settings

Magento 2:

free gift magento 2 backend settings

3. If you’re offering one promo item, make sure the type is ‘All SKUs below’:

type of the free gift

If you think all of these conditions are met and a promo product is still not added automatically, feel free to contact us any time.

See more details on Auto Add Promo Items page
User Guide
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