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For more details see the Free Gift extension page.

Free Gift for Magento 2

Get four additional promo actions to automatically add free items to cart. Display custom banners to inform visitors about special offers and let them select a gift among available promo products.

  • 4 extra auto add promo actions
  • Informative banners on product pages
  • Offer to add non-free products as a gift
  • Add only in-stock products as promo items
  • Full support for coupons functionality
  • Different product types support

Extension Configuration

To configure the extension settings, please go to StoresConfigurationAmasty ExtensionsFree Gift.

General Settings

Add Simple/Virtual/Downloadable Products Automatically, Without Confirmation - enable automatic adding different product types to cart. If a promo item is configurable, a customer will see a popup, which allows selecting the product attribute and configuration options.

Messages & Notifications Settings

Message For The Free Item In The Cart - Specify the default message to display it next to free or discounted items in the shopping cart.

Prefix For The Free Item Name In The Order - Indicate the default prefix that will be used with promo items on order pages in the admin panel.

Add Free Gift Message - Specify the message that will be displayed in the pop-up window with promo items.

Open Popup Automatically -If the option is set to ‘Yes’, customers will see the pop-up automatically when rule conditions are met.

Show Original Price in the Popup - If the option is set to ‘Yes’, the discounted products in the pop up will be displayed with a strike-through old price and a new price. If you choose 'No' - a customer will see only a new price.

Display Error Messages - Set to ‘Yes’ if you need error messages to be displayed.

Display Success Messages - Enable success messages when a promo item is added to cart.

Reminder about Available Promos - Use this option to show a special reminder message on the frontend catalog pages to inform customers about available gifts. Set the option to 'Yes' to specify a custom message.

Product Page Banner Settings

Validate condition based on - validate conditions for banners display based either on Product Page or on the Shopping Cart Contents.

Enable Top Banners - Use the option to display promo banners on top of a product page.

Enable After Product Description Banner - This option shows banners above the 'Add to Cart' button.

Show One Banner Only - If the option is set to 'Yes' only one banner from the matched rules (depending on the priority of the rule) will be shown.

Gift Images Settings

In this section you can configure the promo items display.

Gift Image Width (px) - Set promo images width.

Gift Image Height (px) - Set promo images highth.

Product Attribute for Header/ Description - Use text attributes like Name and Short Description to display additional info about promo items when a customer hovers the mouse over the promo item image

Discount Rules Configuration

Create numerous cart price rules and quickly view the most important rule information; to view the list of rules or create a new one please go to MarketingCart Price Rules.

Discount Rule Settings

Rule Name - Indicate the rule name that will be shown on the Rules grid.

Description - Specify a short rule description (optional).

Status - Activate/Deactivate the rule at any time.

Websites - Specify websites on which the rule should be applied.

Customer Groups - Select customer groups for which the rule will be applied.

Coupon - You can either enable the coupon option and specify a particular coupon code or disable the option to automatically add free gifts to cart.

Usage limit per customer - specify how many times the coupon can be used by one customer. The option works for logged in customers only.

From/to - Specify the time period during which the rule will be active.

Priority - Set the rule priority to regulate the order of rules application.

Set up Rule Conditions

Specify as many rule conditions as you need. You can apply the rule to specific product categories, products with specific attributes etc. Easily combine different parameters according to your needs.

Conditions define in which case your promo will be applied. 'Actions' determine what benefits a customer will get if he/she fulfills the promo conditions.

Configure Promo Actions

Apply - Select one of available promo actions.

Discount Amount - Choose the number of promo items provided for each discount step.

Maximum Qty Discount is Applied To - It’s possible to specify the maximum number of free products a customer can get per order.

Discount Qty Step (Buy X) - Choose per how many paid products one free item should be added.

Apply to Shipping Amount - Specify whether the promotion should be applied to shipping cost.

Discard subsequent rules - If the option is set to 'Yes' all subsequent rules will won't be applied.

Free Shipping - Configure free shipping settings for products that meet rule conditions.

New Promo Actions

With this extension you get 4 unique discount actions to enrich your promotional possibilities.

  • ‘Buy X get Y free’
  • ‘Percent of product price discount’
  • ‘Fixed amount discount’
  • ‘Fixed amount discount for the whole cart’
  • ‘Auto add promo items with products’
  • ‘Auto add the same product’

If you choose one of these rules for promotions, it’s possible to specify additional rule conditions. You can use these conditions block to specify items to which the rule should be applied.

Action Examples

Use this action to provide promo products for free or offer discounted items with each product/group of products which meets the rule conditions.

Discount Amount - Specify the number of promo items provided for each discount step.

Type - Choose ‘All SKUs below’ option to automatically add to cart all promo items. ‘One of the SKUs below’ option will allow customers to choose one of available promo items, specified in Promo Items field.

Auto add items for the whole cart - this action provides a promo item/items only once per order.

Maximum Discount Quantity is Applied to - Specify the max number of free product customer can get per order.

Discount Qty Step (Buy X) - Choose per how many paid products one free should be added.

Promo Items With Discount

With this option, you can offer your customers not only free items but discounted products as well.

Promo Items Discount - here you can set a fixed price (e.g. 20), a fixed discount (e.g. -20) or a percent discount (e.g. 50%). If you want to add a product for free, leave this field empty.

Minimal Price - here you can specify a minimal discounted price for the suggested promo items in the pop-up. For example, you set a 50% discount and a minimal discounted price to be '10'. In this case, if the product you offer in the pop-up costs less then $21, its price after the discount will be 10$.

Labels Settings

Default Rule Label for All Store Views - In the ‘Labels’ tab you can preset the promo text to display on in the shopping cart when the rule is applied. It's also possible to set different promo texts for different websites and store views.

Upload a custom image for the top banner and specify its parameters according to your needs.

On Hover Text - Specify the text that will be shown on a mouse hover.

Link - Specify the page to which the banner should lead.

Show Gift images - Choose whether to display promo items.

Configure the display of the 'After Product Description Banner' in the same way.

Free Gift Frontend Examples

The link with available promo items is added to the shopping cart page.

Here is the example of a special popup which appears on the shopping cart once a customer clicks on the Free Gift link.

Customers can select necessary options of a configurable promo item.

All promo items added to cart are marked with a special label.

Promo banner placed on top of a product page.

Promo banner with an additional text. It's also possible to the display the text only without showing the banner.

Promo banner placed above the 'Add to Cart' button.

Display available promo items right on a product page.

Find out how to install the Free Gift extension for Magento 2 via Composer.
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