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How to set up ‘get free product’ promotion in Magento 2?

Say, you want to launch a promotion in your Magento 2 where customers will get a free product with the purchase of another product. How to do this? Let’s see.

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Step 1. First off, log in to the admin panel, navigate to Marketing > Promotions > Cart Price Rules and click Add New Rule.

cart price rule settings

Step 2. In the rule information section, fill in Rule Name and Description.

Step 3. Then activate or deactivate the rule.

Step 4. Choose Websites and Customer Groups that can use this promotion.

Step 5. Define if you want to use coupons in your rule, set the Priority, and set the Public In RSS Feed field to yes or no.

Step 6. Next, click Save and Continue Edit and open the Conditions block.

cart price rule conditions

Step 7. Add the conditions that will trigger the rule based on product attributes, products, or cart attributes.

Step 8. Go to the Actions section.


Step 9. In the Apply field, choose the Buy X get Y free (discount amount is Y) option from the dropdown. This type of promotion allows your customers to get a free product with the purchase of another product. Let’s see how to set up details in Magento admin.

Step 10. Say, you want to add 1 free product to the cart, if the customer buys 3. In this case, set the Discount Amount field to 1.

Step 11. In the Maximum Qty Discount is Applied To field, limit how many times customers can use this discount.

Step 12. In the Discount Qty Step (Buy X) field, fill in how many items clients should add to the cart to get a discount. In our case, we enter 3.

Step 13. In the Discard subsequent rules field, you can restrict to use this cart price rule with other discounts.

Step 14. If you want to apply this rule only to specific items in the cart, add their SKU in conditions:

cart price rule buy x get y condition

Step 15. Allow or restrict Free Shipping, then click Save and Continue Edit.

Step 16. Open the Labels section, and define Default Rule Label for All Store Views. If you have multiple store views, specify labels for all of them.

Step 17. When ready, save the changes and test the rule.

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