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Security Suite


Complex solution for your Magento store security.
Easily track actions of all admin users. Effectively manage role permissions and protect your admin panel from unwanted login attempts.

All-in-one-solution to protect your Magento store


Track all backend activities

Stay aware of all actions performed by admin users in your store.

Manage admin users permissions

Let store administrators see and edit only particular pages, categories and products.

Backup Magento store database

Automatically copy and store your data on a separate server with easy and prompt access.

Protect store backend from malicious login attempts

Prevent insecure Internet connections, protect your website from keylogging and data sniffing.



Security Suite
With the Security Suite tool for Magento you will easily eliminate all possible internal and external security threats
and take store management over total control.
Don’t miss the chance to equip your store with a powerful Magento security extension and take your website protection over total control. With the Magento Security Suite you get a number of advanced options allowing you to easily backup and store your website data, track and manage admin users’ performance
and protect your backend from unwanted login attempts.
Bring your Magento security to the next level and make your store management as affective as it can be.

Track admin users actions

Want to keep fingers on pulse and know how your staff members manage their working hours? Use advanced logger tool to effectively track all backend activities, improve admin performance and avoid task overlapping.
  • Track all admin actions
  • Track all login attempts
  • Ban users after several unsuccessful login attempts
  • Track admin actions in a real-time mode
  • Keep page visit history for each admin user

Manage user permissions

Need to restrict the access to specific backend options or pages for particular store administrators? There is no more mess when managing numerous admin users. Easily assign role permissions to store managers and let them see and edit only relevant products, categories, store views etc.
  • Restrict access by store view/website
  • Separate category/product management
  • Limit access to reports
  • Restrict access to dashboard stats/CMS elements
  • Duplicate roles in one click
  • Fully compatible with other extensions

Backup Magento database

Prevent your website from important data loss and improve your Magento security by timely backing up the store database. Streamline the backup process by easily scheduling tasks and running them in automatic mode. Backup either the whole database or only specific files and store them on a local server.
  • Onsite and offsite auto backups
  • Backup the whole database or particular files
  • Schedule automatic backup
  • Keep info both in a log file and in the database
  • AmazonS3, and Dropbox storage support

Protect Magento store against unwanted login attempts

Enrich your backend login system with one more verification step. Now one needs to specify additional security information while logging into the Magento admin panel. Use Google Authenticator app to get the verification code which changes every 30 seconds to prevent your store from malicious login attempts.
  • Secure login into Magento admin panel with additional verification code
  • Security code can be used only once to prevent data sniffing
  • Security code automatically changes each 30 seconds to protect your store from key logging
  • IP addresses white listing for trusted networks
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