Amasty One Step Checkout vs. One Step Checkout by Mageplaza for Magento 2

Put all the checkout steps on one page and give customers the ability to edit selected products right in one place, reducing the number of abandoned carts on your site, thereby further increasing your sales conversions.
  • Mobile-friendly themes
  • Delivery date and time options display
  • Checkout speed optimization
  • A large number of payment methods
  • Google Addresses autofill
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One Step Checkout by Mageplaza features

Google Addresses suggestion

Mageplaza One Step Checkout extension offers to fill in addresses using Google. By filling in a few characters for a specific address, Google will show you all offers with complete information. Then you only need to select the option right away without entering the entire address.

Find Me

Find Me is a function that automatically detects the customer's location with one click and automatically fills in the address in the field. This feature saves customers time and improves the shopping experience.

All on one page

All the steps for completing the checkout are collected on one page with the ability to remove unnecessary fields in the Mageplaza One Page Checkout extension.

Trust badges

Relieve customers from worry about payment security - add the security of a trust badge with the help of Mageplaza’s extension for your Magento store. This will help reduce abandoned shopping carts and give you more revenues from existing traffic.

Hassle-free custom checkout layout

Mageplaza One Step Checkout for Magento 2 is open source. The store owner can easily change the appearance in the admin settings, such as display color or checkout layout by dragging the needed fields.

Geo IP

Magento 2 checkout extension by Mageplaza allows you to automatically detect the location of a customer based on their IP address and then set the default country field, thereby further speeding up the checkout phase.

Amasty One Step Checkout features

Amasty One Step Checkout extension has the following features:

  • Faster checkout
  • Convenient checkout process
  • All steps on one page
  • Always visible order summary
  • Renovated design for your store

Faster checkout

Optimized checkout stage with faster loading times achieved by optimizing the page code. For this, JS and HTML files are combined and minified. Checkout page loading speed increased up to 36% for your customers, which has a positive effect on conversions.

2 themes to fit your needs

You can choose from 5 layouts and 2 themes - classic or modern - to find a design that matches your store. Each layout is mobile responsive.

Configurable checkout 

You can easily customize the checkout process that best suits your store's needs by simply using drag and drop to place the fields. The module allows you to customize the checkout process according to the behavior of your customers. You can customize block names, specific field order, and add your own if necessary.

Extra-profit opportunities

The extension is compatible with theGift Wrap extension and allows users to add gift cards or gift wrapping to an order, which improves the user experience and increases the average order value.

User-friendly features

This extension saves time on ordering by allowing customers to save their data, choose the delivery date and time, and change order details. The payment process is also convenient, as the extension supports most of the payment systems. You, as a store owner, can edit orders from the admin panel.

Delivery date options

Customers can easily select the delivery date in a convenient calendar and leave the necessary comments on the order, which increases their satisfaction. Store owners can easily monitor delivery data at any checkout stage.

Key FeaturesAmasty One Step CheckoutMageplaza One Step Checkout
Adaptable checkout
Custom checkout fields
Ability to add custom order attributes
Gift wrap
Order comments
Variable payment methods
'Find Me' feature
Checkout analytics
Delivery date and time options
Adjusting order info from admin panel
Faster checkout
2 themes to fit your needs

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Version 2.4.0
Last Update: May 14, 2024
2.4.0 - May 14, 2024
  • Improvement we optimized the loading of the Checkout page to improve performance
  • Fix we eliminated the issue with loading the Checkout page on Magento version 2.4.7 (Please note: compatibility with Magento versions up to 2.3.7 is no longer supported)
Version 2.3.4
Last Update: Apr 04, 2024
2.3.4 - Apr 04, 2024
  • Compatibility we improved the compatibility with Magento 2.4.7-beta3
  • Fix we fixed the error that occurred during checkout for Magento Enterprise
  • Fix solved the issue with Bundle products options changing at the checkout
  • Fix the Delivery Date datepicker now functions correctly
  • Fix we resolved the problem with saving Delivery Date data in order details in the admin panel
  • Fix now validation messages for fields are displayed correctly on checkout
  • Fix we eliminated the error that occurred when placing approved purchase order on Magento B2B
  • Fix we fixed compatibility with Amasty Social Login so now the setup:upgrade command runs without errors
2.3.3 - Nov 17, 2023
  • Compatibility the module was tested and is compatible with Klarna Payments 9.0.16
  • Improvement we improved the performance of the module to enhance the processing of a large number of products at checkout
  • Fix we resolved the issue with saving the shipping address when creating an account after placing an order
  • Fix now 'Allow to Edit Products in the Order Summary' functionality works as intended
  • Fix we fixed the issues with Order Attributes and Customer Attributes fields management
  • Fix we fixed the error that occurred during checkout when a customer deleted their address in the customer account while placing an order
  • Fix we fixed the problem that occurred when switching from checkout with multiple addresses to one step checkout
  • Fix we added the missing closing tag to the 'amcheckout-trust-badges' block
  • Fix we fixed the problem with saving the selected billing address when 'Billing and Shipping Address are the same' is being unchecked by default
  • Fix now custom fields are associated with address attributes to prevent checkout issues when placing an order with required custom fields
  • Fix now it is not possible to modify the placeholder for the 'Country' and 'State' fields as originally intended
2.3.2 - Jul 11, 2023
  • Improvement minor improvements in system messages to avert problems with Checkout fields managing
  • Fix we fixed the checkout fields validation issue when PayPal payment method is enabled
  • Fix we solved the problem with incorrect validation of custom checkout fields that have been already filled
  • Fix we corrected the Payment Method block style issues
  • Fix we resolved the style issues with elements on the Checkout page when the Modern Checkout Design is enabled
  • Fix we eliminated the problem with the address fields validation error on the Checkout page when a delivery method was selected on the Cart page
2.3.1 - Apr 14, 2023
  • Fix we fixed the error occurred on the Checkout Page when Braintree payment methods are being used as default
2.3.0 - Apr 07, 2023
  • New now it is possible to add trust badges below the order placement button on the checkout page in the Pro and Premium Versions of the One Step Checkout solution (Note: the functionality is available as part of an active product subscription or Support Subscription)
  • Compatibility we added the compatibility with Magento In-Store Delivery so now it is possible to set up a new delivery method 'In-Store Pickup Delivery' in the Pro and Premium Version of One Step Checkout solution (Note: the compatibility is available as part of an active product subscription or Support Subscription)
  • Compatibility now the extension is compatible with the B2B Negotiable Quote functionality
  • Improvement the 'Address Autocomplete Restrictions' setting was added to allow selecting those countries whose addresses will be offered to customers by the Google Address Autocomplete
  • Fix we corrected the Bottom Block displaying on the checkout page
Version 2.2.1
Last Update: Mar 09, 2023
2.2.1 - Mar 09, 2023
  • Compatibility now the extension is compatible with Magento 2.4.5-p2, 2.4.6
  • Fix we fixed the error occurred on Checkout Page when a Customer does not have a Default Shipping Address
  • Fix we solved the Apple Pay button issue in the mini cart
2.2.0 - Nov 02, 2022
  • Compatibility we added compatibility with Hyvä Theme for One Step Checkout Pro. You can find the following packages for installing in composer suggest: 'amasty/module-checkout-gift-wrap-hyva-compatibility', 'amasty/module-checkout-delivery-date-hyva-compatibility' and 'amasty/module-checkout-thank-you-page-hyva-compatibility' (Note: the compatibility is available as part of an active product subscription or Support Subscription).
  • Improvement now it is possible to add validation to the 'Phone Number' checkout field
  • Fix we corrected the captcha behavior on the Checkout page
  • Fix we solved the problem with managing Zip/Postal and State/Province fields. Please note that after updating this fields will no longer be required, also, this option won't be available for configuration
  • Fix now Сheckout field labels are displayed correctly
  • Fix we fixed the compatibility with Amasty Gift Card so now 'Apply Gift Card Code' field is displayed as it should
  • Fix we resolved the issue with the Amasty/CheckoutCore/Plugin/Model/QuotePlugin.php plugin
  • Fix we solved the problem with products quantity editing in Order Summary
  • Fix we corrected the Shipping Address validation work
  • Fix we fixed the compatibility with Amasty GDPR so now consent checkboxes are displayed as intended on the Checkout page
Version 2.1.9
Last Update: Sep 30, 2022
2.1.9 - Sep 30, 2022
  • Fix we resolved issue with error on checkout page after module disable and enable again
2.1.8 - Sep 20, 2022
  • Fix we updated the extension packages to avoid tariff conflicts during upgrading
2.1.7 - Sep 02, 2022
  • Fix we fixed compatibility with Amasty Gift Card
2.1.6 - Jul 25, 2022
  • Fix we optimized the extension plugins work
2.1.5 - Jun 30, 2022
  • Fix we fixed the compatibility with Amasty Jet Theme and corrected order placement process
2.1.4 - May 25, 2022
  • Fix we corrected the compatibility with Amasty Jet Theme and resolved wrong sort order issue
2.1.3 - Apr 27, 2022
  • Improvement extension composer type was changed to magento2-module
2.1.2 - Apr 25, 2022
  • Improvement extension composer type was changed to magento2-module
2.1.1 - Apr 11, 2022
  • Compatibility now the extension is compatible with Magento 2.4.3-p2 and 2.4.4
2.1.0 - Mar 21, 2022
  • New we added multiple features, improvements, and bugfixes
Version 2.0.0
Last Update: Dec 21, 2021
2.0.0 - Dec 21, 2021
  • New we rearranged the components of One Step Checkout by splitting some of the features into the system modules. It’s a major technical release, however, it will not affect the functionality you already acquired in any way. Now during the update, instead of one, you will get the following packages: One Step Checkout Core, Gift Wrap, Thank You Page, Delivery Date, Style Switcher, and Layout Builder. These changes are specific to the One Step Checkout extension, the rest of the solution remains unchanged.

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