How to disable or allow guest checkout in Magento 2?

By default, Magento 2 allows guest visitors to complete the checkout process without creating an account. But sometimes merchants want to gather more information about their customers and want to restrict checkout without registration. So let’s see how you can disable guest checkout in Magento 2 or switch Magento 2 guest to customer.

Step 1. Log in to your admin panel.

Step 2. Navigate to Stores> Settings >Configuration.

Step 3. Open the Sales tab and click on the Checkout option.

Step 4. Find the Checkout Options section, clear the Use system value checkbox in the Allow Guest Checkout field, and choose No from the dropdown.

Step 5. Save the changes by clicking on the Save Config button to switch Magento 2 guest to customer.

In case you want to enable guest checkout in Magento 2, you need to set Yes in the Allow Guest Checkout field or select the Use system value option for this line.

But according to a Baymard Institute report, around 34% of users will leave their cart abandoned because you only ask them about creating an account. To avoid this issue, you can build the registration option right into your checkout process. This is possible to do with 2 extensions: Social Login and One step checkout. Let’s consider them closely.

With our One step checkout plugin, you can offer your guest visitors to enter an email and create a password right on the checkout page. Moreover, this plugin allows you to create additional checkout fields for guest users of your Magento 2 store, gather more info about your consumers, and there will be no need in Magento 2 to create an account on checkout. Besides the registration issue, this extension lets you solve too long and complicated checkout objections. Around 23% of cart abandoners note this problem as the main reason for leaving the website without completing the order. The module allows you to leave only needed fields and minimize the time needed to fill in them. Also, you can customize the design of the checkout page and meet your corporate identity. Moreover, with this plugin, your customers can set the delivery day and time and write the comment.

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Another option how you can simplify the Magento 2 guest checkout is by adding the possibility to register in one click via social networks. Our Social Login extension supports Twitter, Facebook, Google, LinkedIn, Instagram, Amazon, PayPal, Twitch. You can add a login popup to the cart and to the checkout. Also, this extension has a built-in reCAPTCHA to protect your store from spam. Analyze the statistical data on a separate dashboard, collect customers' data when registering and make data-driven decisions. This mod is fully compatible with the Porto theme, and you can manage the shape and position of buttons.

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