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How to enable Google Address Auto Suggest at One Step Checkout by Amasty?

API key is required To use Address Auto Suggest. Google account with enabled billing is necessary to obtain one.
To create an account on Google (if necessary), please use this guideline.
Then, please proceed to this page to create a new API key. ('Maps API' should be selected at first step).

  • If you do have a project on Google Cloud, you can skip the abovementioned steps. For existing projects, API key can be created here.

as seen at Credentials tab

Key is ready!

At your Magento instance's Backend, please open System > Configuration > Amasty Extensions > One Step Checkout , Google Autocomplete tab.

For Magento 1 version:

at our Magento 1 Checkout

For Magento 2.1+ version:

there we enable Google Address autofill

Choose 'Yes' in the 'Enable' field and add the key below.

Flush cache - and, next time any customer would reach your Checkout, Address Auto Suggest will appear for them!

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