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  1. Hyva compatibility
    Customers Also Bought M2

    Increase an average cart value by automatically suggesting relevant products. Create flexible recommendations with the Magento 2 Frequently Bought Together extension to promote products according to your business needs and boost sales.

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    • Promote relevant products with smart rules and flexible conditions
    • Set up once and automatically display “Viewed together” and “Bought together” items
    • Benefit from data-driven product recommendations
    • Hide “Out of stock” products to maximize purchases
    • Create multiple rules and adjust the display order
    • Show “Also Bought” blocks at any place of any page
    • Hyva-ready storefront (view demo >>)
    • Coming soon: KPI dashboard for product recommendations
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  2. Hyva compatibility
    SMTP Email Settings M2
    Minimize the chance to get into spam with a reliable SMTP server configuration. Strengthen your reputation as a trusted sender and improve the efficiency of email marketing campaigns thanks to unmatched correspondence delivery.
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    • Apply ready-made settings of 12+ providers
    • Set your own configuration
    • Use OAuth 2.0 authentication method for Google and Microsoft accounts
    • Test configuration using debug mode
    • View the content of sent emails
    • Log all sent emails
    • Automatically clean logs
    • NEW: Add email addresses to blacklist
    • Hyva-compatible by default
    • New!Hyvä Checkout ready
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  3. California Consumer Privacy Act M2
    Cover all California Consumer Privacy Act requirements with a single solution. Employ the Magento 2 CCPA extension to make your store fully compliant with the CCPA bill without any hassle. Ensure online privacy and strengthen customer trust.
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    • Adjust privacy settings for California residents
    • Let visitors know what data is being collected
    • Allow users to reject the sale or sharing of their personal data
    • Provide buyers with the ability to download their data
    • Allow customers to delete their info in one click
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  4. Import & Export for Advanced Product Reviews (Add-On) M2
    Easily add or extract reviews in bulk using Magento 2 Import & Export Reviews add-on. Create an unlimited number of review data in one click.
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    • Import reviews for multiple products at once
    • Export all reviews into one CSV file
    • View and manage all imported reviews
    • Apply reviews from Magento 2 to any platform
    • Use only as an add-on to Magento 2 Advanced Product Reviews extension
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  5. Discounts for Active Reviewers for Advanced Product Reviews (Add-On) M2
    Motivate customers to leave more reviews and significantly increase their retention rate by granting discounts based on the customer recommendation activity.
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    • Provide the most active reviewers with discounts
    • Grant rewards for giving feedback on particular products
    • Display discount amount in a shopping cart
    • Flexibly adjust promo conditions and discount amounts
    • Use only as an add-on to Advanced Product Reviews extension
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  6. Push Notifications M2
    With Magento 2 Push Notifications, increase your revenue by strengthening the interaction strategy with target customers. Send appealing push notifications with attractive deals to energize sales.
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    • Trigger repeat purchases from your existing customers
    • Add catchy logos, images and links to draw visitors' attention
    • Make data-driven decisions based on statistical info
    • Let customers subscribe in one click (no customers' info required)
    • Organize a real-time interaction: notifications are sent directly and immediately seen
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  7. Hyva compatibility
    Customer Segmentation M2

    Maximize the effectiveness of marketing campaigns and enhance retention with accurate customer segmentation. Segment registered customers and guest visitors by orders, shipping addresses, shopping cart data and many other parameters using conditions and their combinations.

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    • Segment registered customers and guest visitors by multiple parameters
    • Optimize Magento 2 Cart Price Rules functionality for marketing initiatives
    • Apply condition combinations for complex rules
    • Update segmentation lists automatically by cron
    • Export segments to CSV or XML for further processing
    • Use in Amasty Abandoned Cart Email campaigns
    • Hyva-compatible by default
    • New!Hyvä Checkout ready
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  8. Hyva compatibility
    Advanced Product Reviews M2
    See available pricing options!

    Build up trust in your business with Magento 2 Product Reviews. Engage customers and boost sales with user-generated reviews and get higher search ranking position.

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    • Display customers’ reviews at any place on any page
    • Show customers reviews summary for each product
    • Provide buyers with extended images upload settings
    • Show more customer reviews in a catchy slider
    • Send review reminders with discount coupons
    • Flexibly regulate which customers can submit a review
    • Import and export product reviews from Magento 2 using the add-on
    • Hyva-ready storefront (view demo >>)
    • ✔️ ADA & WCAG compliant
    • ⏱Book a live demo
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  9. Hyva compatibility
    Store Credit & Refund M2

    Convert returns into revenue by using store credits as a refund option. Keep money in the store when refunding and thank customers for shopping in your store with credit to build their loyalty.

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    • Increase sales giving users credits toward next purchases
    • Keep funds in shop refunding orders with store credits
    • Build loyalty awarding shoppers with extra credits
    • Let users track store credit and refunds in their account
    • Auto notify customers of any changes in their store credit balance via emails
    • New! Hyvä-ready storefront and Hyvä Checkout ready
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  10. Hyva compatibility
    Customer Group Auto Assign M2

    Reduce operating costs and increase revenue thanks to automatic customer group management with Magento 2 auto customer group switching.

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    • Automatically manage customer groups based on custom rules
    • Create group switching rules based on customer and order attributes
    • Schedule the rules processing frequency with integrated Cron functionality
    • Define rules processing order via prioritization
    • Easily manage all group-switching rules in one place
    • NEW | Show customer group status in the customer account
    • Hyva-ready storefront
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  11. Live Chat M2
    Let customers be always in touch with you! Provide them with proper and convenient communication in channels that they are used to with Chat Via Messengers extension.
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    • Grow sales with orders made via chat
    • Provide an easy way for your customers to reach you
    • Reduce abandoned carts with timely provided consultancy
    • Cut expenses on custom chat solutions
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  12. Hyva compatibility
    Custom Button M2

    Wrap links in customizable buttons to smoothly embed them into your website. Proactively interact with your site visitors by simple yet efficient UX enhancement.

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    • Create custom buttons of any color and size
    • Locate buttons anywhere on your store
    • Specify custom text for your buttons to use them for multiple purposes
    • Set up catchy animation on hover to motivate more clicks
    • Redirect shoppers to any page by linking buttons with specific URLs
    • Hyva-ready storefront
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  13. Google Automated Discounts Premium M2

    Looking to increase in sales on Google Shopping? Complete all requirements and join the recently launched Google Automated Discounts Program with a 3-in-one Magento 2 solution from the official Google Channel Partner. Promptly persuade searchers to make a purchase with personalized discounts generated by smart algorithms.

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    • Integrate your Magento with Google Merchant Center
    • Implement price change passing via URL
    • 💎 Generate appropriate product feed to upload
    • 💎 Set up conversion reporting with cart data
    • Display discounted prices on Shopping ads and your site’s product pages
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  14. X (Twitter) Pixel (pre-order) M2

    Equip your Magento store with X (Twitter) Pixel to better understand the impact of X advertising campaigns in achieving your strategic business goals.

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    • Implement tracking via Pixel or Conversion API
    • Effortlessly enable events to track
    • Get more capabilities for the setup of conversions and audiences
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    Regular Price $199 $159
  15. TikTok Pixel M2

    Be sure that your advertising truly converts as expected with the Magento 2 TikTok Pixel extension. Uncover visitor behavior patterns to tailor ads that leave no chance for abandonment.

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    • Utilize Pixel or API to connect with TikTok Ads Manager
    • Select events for tracking
    • Set up conversions based on events
    • Build custom target audiences
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All marketers know that well-organized promotion can not only boost your sales but also customers' loyalty. On this page, you will find Magento 2 special promotions extensions that will help you launch a discount, create coupon codes, build loyalty programs, and more. 

Extensions for running promos. These modules help you configure promo rules and mechanisms. The Magento 2 Special Promotions Pro plugin has more than 20 built-in promo types. You can offer your customers free giftsgift wrapdiscount coupons, allow the use of multiple coupons, buy gift cards, and enable countdown timer to create urgency. With these tools, your possibilities are limited only by your imagination. Combine them and create unique and profitable deals to engage your customers in the purchasing process and increase sales.

Note: See why you need to offer gift features in Magento 2 stores all year long?

Extensions for brand awareness.The plugins help you inform customers about special offers. This group includes Promo BannersPush NotificationsAbandoned Cart EmailFollow Up Email, and Blog Pro. You can announce promo and inform visitors about the rules and personal options. You can create secret sales by sending emails to a specific customers’ segment or create banners for CMS pages. Also, you can highlight your marketing campaign on the blog to reach a bigger audience.

Extensions for building customers’ trust in your brand. These modules allow you to build long-term customer loyalty such as Reward PointsLoyalty Program, and Affiliate. It’s easier and cheaper to retain loyal customers than find and attract a new one. So you need to have tools that will help you build strong relationships with customers and reward them for their trust. You can convert regulars into affiliates and let them earn money, become your partner and work on your business goal. Brand advocates will help you not only transform marketing funnel into hourglass but also build a strong brand. Learn how consumer behavior can boost your sales from our free e-book.

Note: Read our comprehensive guide about promotion rules in Magento 2 to choose the most suitable Amasty solution.