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SEO Suite Ultimate by Mageworx is a full-featured solution designed to boost store visibility in search results and to handle a complete range of SEO activities: from optimizing particular page elements to building a well-organized website architecture.
  • Automated SEO templates
  • XML and HTML sitemaps
  • Cross-links to internal and external sources
  • Advanced Rich Snippets
  • Custom canonical tags for products
  • SEO reports
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Increase Store Visibility in Search Results and Boost Organic Traffic

Mageworx SEO Suite is designed to enhance your website indexation and to improve its ranking by search engines. With this extension, you can flexibly mass-optimize metadata for product/category pages, easily generate HTML and XML sitemaps, add hreflang tags and extended rich snippets, configure internal linking structure and perform other essential SEO activities.

What benefits do you get for your store

Stand out from competitors due to enhanced store visibility in search results


Improve store crawling and indexation with a wide arsenal of SEO tools


Grow sales revenue due to increased traffic of organic

Efectively Manage Cross-Linking

Spread link juice equally among important site areas by cross-linking all relevant site pages. Smoothly build internal and external links, thus improving page ranking and obtaining more engaged customers:

  • Replace any targeted keywords with internal and external links
  • Add cross links to product, category, and CMS pages
  • Set cross links for certain store views
  • Specify the number of replacements and priority

Create Meta Tags SEO Templates

With this Mageworx SEO extension, you can automatically optimize metadata for product, and category pages by creating SEO templates. The module will enable you to:

  • Mass-optimize meta titles, descriptions, keywords, product URL keys, and H1 tags
  • Use custom metadata patterns (template rules)
  • Use Attributes Randomizer to make the optimized page elements look more natural

Configure Smart Redirects

Decrease your site bounce rate by automatically redirecting customers from the '404 Not Found' pages, which could appear after deleting products, changing the design, etc. Also, with the extension, you can add custom redirects from/to any site page.

  • Set 301 (moved permanently) and 302 (moved temporarily) redirects for deleted pages
  • Add custom 301 and 302 redirects from/to any product/category/CMS page

Boost Your Store Visibility with Rich Snippets

Stand out from competitors by adding extra details to the search results pages. With Magento 2 SEO Suite, you can add markup data to any product, category, or CMS page of your webstore.

  • Add product stock status, rating, reviews, SKU, category, brand, model, color
  • Add product detailed descriptions and merchant info
  • Enable breadcrumbs
  • Open Graph and Twitter Cards support

🎯 Optimize Layered Navigation Pages

You can SEO optimize not only product and category pages but also the pages filtered by layered navigation. This way, you will create more pages matching long-tail and specific search queries. For any filtered page you can:

  • Add metadata for attributes and attribute values
  • Create SEO templates
  • Add canonical tags
  • Create SEO-friendly URLs

🔍 Monitor SEO Issues with Reports

Magento 2 SEO Suite Ultimate provides store owner with the possibility to conveniently track possible SEO problems on your website with special reports from the backend. With the module you can:

  • Generate reports for products, categories, and CMS pages
  • Detect errors in metadata and URLs
  • Monitor problems with missing/duplicate meta tags and names

🔥 Create Alternate URLs

Set up Hreflang tags to help the Web crawler understand which version of your website should be shown for a certain location and which page is an alternative language version of the origin.

  • Add Hreflang tags for any localized store
  • Specify Hreflang tag scope (global/website)
  • Add X-default attribute for non-localized pages
  • Manually select alternate URLs language
  • Set multi-stores CMS page relation

🔥 Display Breadcrumbs

Magento 2 Seo Suite Ultimate extension will allow you to generate advanced breadcrumbs thus enabling your customers and search engines to better navigate through your website pages.

  • Use shortest, longest, or the default breadcrumbs navigation paths
  • Prioritize breadcrumbs category for products that are assigned to multiple categories
  • Display breadcrumbs in rich snippets

🔥 Generate HTML Sitemap

HTML Sitemap provides your site visitors with a convenient overview of the hierarchy of your store and lets them quickly find a desired category or product.

  • Display all your stores
  • Include particular products and categories
  • Include CMS pages
  • Set category maximum depth level
  • Include CMS pages
  • Add any extra links

🔥 Build XML Sitemap

Manage the way Google sees your website and let the search engine index your content faster with XML Sitemap.

  • Create separate sitemaps for product, category, and CMS pages
  • Generate XML sitemap for specific store views
  • Add extra links and set their priority and frequency
  • Exclude out-of-stock-products
  • Add category images and product videos

🔥 Eliminate content duplicates

Seo Suite adds canonical tags to your website, thus pointing search engines to the preferred versions of your pages. Therefore the sources with similar content are not taken into account by the search crawler. With this plugin, you can add:

  • Custom canonical tags for the product, category, and CMS pages
  • Optimized category pagination
  • Pagination with rel=“next” and rel=“prev”
  • Canonical tags for layered navigation pages
  • Cross-domain canonical URLs

🔥 Enhance crawling and indexation

This extension will help you correctly inform Web spiders explaining which pages of your store should be crawled and indexed, and which of them should be ignored (e.g. insignificant, duplicate, or private pages). With this module, you can add:

  • Robots meta header for https pages and for extra pages
  • Noindex/nofollow robots meta header for pages without content
  • Meta robots for category filter pages and custom meta robots for specific filter combinations

Choose the solution most suitable for your business needs

We are expanding our catalog with products from our partners to provide you with more options. Explore the features of each solution and choose the one that best suits your needs.

Key FeaturesSEO Toolkit
by Amasty
SEO Suite
by Mageworx
Toolbar with key SEO stats on the storefront
SEO reports in the backend
SEO templates for products and categories
SEO templates for a custom page by URL
SEO for Layered Navigation Pages
Canonical links for pages
Custom canonical tags
Noindex or nofollow for site pages
Extended meta robots settings
Advanced rich snippets
Breadcrumbs customization
Custom redirects from/to any site page
Auto redirects for deleted product pages to category pages
Auto redirect from 404 to Search Results
Redirects Import/Export
Create unique product URLs
Create conditions for exclusive product URLs
Replace keywords with internal and external cross links
Generate HTML and XML Sitemaps
Configure HTML Sitemap layout
Specify the priority and frequency of updates for each group of pages in XML sitemap
Hreflang tags for content localization
then $185 / Year SEO Toolkit for Magento 2 -

Product updates and support service subscription — included the first year
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Subscription for the following year — $185 / Year
then $185 / Year SEO Suite Ultimate Extension by Mageworx for Magento 2 -

Product updates and support service subscription — included the first year
Price to be paid today -

Subscription for the following year — $185 / Year
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Version 2.35.14
Last Update: Apr 20, 2022
2.35.14 - Apr 20, 2022
  • Compatibility adds support for Magento 2.4.4
  • Compatibility adds compatibility with a new version of GraphQL add-on
  • Fix compatibility issues with PHP8.1 in the rich snippets functionality
2.35.10 - Mar 28, 2022
  • Improvement Outdated class 'Zend_Db_Select' was replaced in XML Sitemap module
  • Fix the compilation error on Magento 2.3.0-2.3.2
2.35.4 - Oct 25, 2021
  • Fix fixes empty CSV file while using Test Apply feature on Magento Commerce Edition
2.35.3 - Sep 29, 2021
  • Compatibility Adds support for Magento 2.4.3
  • Compatibility Adds Magento Venia storefront compatibility
2.35.1 - Aug 09, 2021
  • Improvement Adds the setting to disable certain features on the front-end for the logged in customers to improve the performance+ Adds @id for Seller markup
  • Fix Fixes GraphQl detection for "graphql/" identifier.
  • Fix Fixes the error when saving a category with a custom canonical tag
  • Fix other minor bug fixes
Version 2.25.2
Last Update: Sep 07, 2021
2.25.2 - Sep 07, 2021
  • Compatibility Adds support for Magento 2.4.3
Version 2.34.2
Last Update: Jul 02, 2021
2.34.2 - Jul 02, 2021
  • New Adds the explanation hints to the markup settings in the back-end+ Improves the functionality of the the cross links, which are added to the description via the Page Builder: fixes the broken styles (Magento 2 Commerce only)+ Better compatibility with Mageworx Layered Navigation module
  • Fix Fixes the "Delete" action for the existing hreflang tags in the back-end
  • Fix Fixes the issue with hreflang tags on specific configurations
  • Fix Removes the loading js-module 'jquery/ui'
  • Fix Fixes the list of categories when creating a category filter for not default store view
  • Fix Fixes the issues with PHP 7.4
Version 2.33.3
Last Update: Mar 02, 2021
2.33.3 - Mar 02, 2021
  • Fixes the problem with switching tabs in the templates for Magento 2.4
Version 2.32.4
Last Update: Sep 25, 2020
2.32.4 - Sep 25, 2020
  • Improves the validation of the XML sitemap parameters: changefreq and priority are not required now
  • Fixes the issue related to the mass edit for the breadcrumbs grid

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