3 best payment gateways for Magento 2

There are many different payment options in Magento, including Stripe, PayPal, 2checkout, WorldPay, Google Checkout, and MasterCard/Visa direct payments. All of them have their own advantages and disadvantages, in addition, each charges a different commission. 

So let's consider the best payment gateways for Magento:

1. PayPal

PayPal is one of the most popular payment systems in the world. Thanks to the developed PayPal ecosystem, users can easily pay for goods and services on various sites using this payment system. Allowing your customers to use a system they already know about can lead to good results.

Users do not need to provide their bank details when making a payment via PayPal. Instead, they just need to create an account on the system itself. This system integrates quickly and conveniently thanks to the Express API.

2. Stripe

Stripe is a relatively new system. It appeared on the market not so long ago, but has already managed to earn a good reputation among providers of online payment systems. Stripe is customizable, giving your developers the ability to implement the payment features your business needs.

Stripe is tailored for developers. Its documentation is written by people for people, there is a good test mode, and to switch to live mode, you only need to replace the keys without touching the API.

By using the Stripe Payment gateway extension for Magento 2 , you can provide your customers with seamless and safe payment experience.

3. Worldpay

Worldpay is a payment gateway that offers global payment processing solutions to both small and corporate organizations.

At its basic level, the solution offers an online payments page that can be linked to your online shopping cart, sending shoppers to a secure Worldpay page where their cards are processed and authorized before being sent to your website.

Worldpay's corporate functions include fraud and risk management, subscription and recurring payments, alternative payment methods such as e-wallets and bank transfers, currency conversion and language translation, and data and analytics.

Expanding payment options for customers is an important aspect of running an online store. You can do this using the Partial Payments extension. It allows your customers to pay for your products in installments and many of them are more willing to pay, which improves the customer experience.

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