FAQ: Hide Price

Hide Price
Can I completely remove the Add to cart button for all user groups for specific products?

Yes, it’s possible since our extension gives you an opportunity to configure the hide price settings on a product level. Read on to see the settings.

Can I disable adding products to compare and wishlist?

Yes, you can hide the 'add to wishlist' and 'add to compare' buttons. Read on to make the settings on the first try.

Can I hide price of products found in a particular category in bulk?

Yes, our Hide Price extension provides an ability to configure its settings on a category level. Go on reading to see a complete guide.

Can I set any custom text instead of “Add to cart”?

Yes, you can change the 'add to cart' button for a custom text.This setting is configured on a store view level.

Can the extension be applied globally for all products?

Yes, you can enable a Hide Price extension as well as configure its settings on a global level in System > Configuration > Hide Price.

How can I change the color of 'hide price' button?

Read the full answer to see the settings.

Which product types are supported by this Hide Price module?

Our Hide Price extension supports all types of Magento products: simple, configurable, bundle. 

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