FAQ: Advanced Permissions

Advanced Permissions
Can I give users an access to sales data for specific products/categories?

Yes, you can do that. Just choose what particular sales data you want to open for viewing (order, sales reports and/or sales section) in System > Permissions > Roles > Role Resources. Category and product access can be configured on the Advanced: Categories and Advanced: Products tabs respectively.

Can I let an admin user see only the orders created in a particular store view?

Yes, sure. Our Advanced Permissions extension is highly customizable so that you can control an access to any area of your Magento as well as the types of the actions that can be performed by each admin role. Read on to make all the settings correctly.

Can I receive information about the activities of the not logged in users?

The SugarCRM Bridge extension saves information about every item that is being added to a cart by any user and connects this information to the record in SugarCRM when the user registers or logs in. The bridge can also associate a shopping cart with a customer-linked account.

Can I set view only permissions for the product catalog?

Yes, you can enable the view only permission for your Magento admin at the 'Role Resources' tab. Continue reading to make it on the first try. 

Can the extension restrict users to manage the catalog by store view/website?

Yes, you can make user's access denied, as well as create users with advanced roles/permissions. Define website/store view a sub-admin will have access to at the 'Advanced Permissions: Scope' with the following guide.  

How can I let an admin manage only the products created by himself?

This is easily achievable with our extension. In System > Permissions > Roles > Advanced: Products you can either choose items from the grid or just set “Allow Access To” to “Own Created Products”.

This is really handy if you have, for example, multiple suppliers and want them to access only to those items which have been created by them.

Is it possible to restrict access to customer data?

Yes, you can restrict access to customer data making changes in the Role Resources section. Go on reading to see the instructions.

Is the number of admin users created with this module limited?

Our Advanced Permissions extension supports an unlimited number of admin users.

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