FAQ: Full Page Cache

Full Page Cache
"Crawler source is not defined" error while generating queue.

The cause of the issue is "Collect Page Visit Statistics" option which is set to "No". Read the full answer to get a complete instruction on how to solve the current issue.

Almost half of the pages are "Cache Miss"! What should be done to solve it?

A large number of pages may receive "Cache miss" status because 'curl' is used as the User Agent.

Read the full answer to see the settings.

Can all store pages be cached at once?

Yes, this can be achieved with a cache crawler which is included in FPC. You will also need your XML sitemap which contains links to all pages of your site (you will be provided with all the detailed instructions on how to use Amasty cache crawler for that).

Can certain blocks be excluded from Full Page Cache?

Yes, the Full Page Cache extension offers to apply the hole punch to blocks. See the complete answer to learn the full list. 

Can I disable FPC on a particular store-view?

Yes, it’s possible. You will just need to indicate the store ID in the Observer file.

Can I disable FPC on login/register sections and checkout?

Yes, sure you can keep all the checkout pages uncached for correct operation of the process. Use special settings listed in the full answer to conduct caching of the needed areas.

Can I modify when Full Page Cache should expire?

Yes, Full Page Cache settings provide an ability to change cache lifetime (in hours).

Can I refresh FPC for only some pages of my site?

Yes, you can do that by creating a special file and listing in it the pages where you need to flush FPC (you will be provided with all the detailed instructions on how to do that).

Can I refresh Full Page Cache when needed?

FPC can be refreshed at any time via admin panel or with the help of a script.

Does Amasty FPC extension support Redis?

Yes, the Full Page Cache extension supports Redis. To see the full list of supported Magento caches continue reading.

Does FPC work properly on HTTPs sites?

Yes, Amasty Cachespeed extension fully supports HTTPs.

How does FPC work for multi-language websites?

Each store will have separate cache warmer. This ensures that all the information shown to your visitors is correct. What is more, you can create as many combinations for Amasty cache crawler (included into FPC) as possible to ‘warm up’ them.

How much will Amasty FPC speed up my site?

It depends on your current TTFB and server. According to the tests we conducted, our FPC extension can save seconds of loading time which may be critical for your visitors and ROI as a result. Read on to see the tests results.

How to change cache storage location?

For the Full Page Cache module, there are four available cache storages that will influence the overall cache performance. These are Redis, Database, Server, Memcache and each one of them has its pros and cons. Read the full answer to get more details on them.

I have a mobile site. How your Full Page Cache module will work on it?

The extension supports responsive mobile interface. All you need for this is to enable mobile design in the general settings section. Go on reading to follow detailed instructions.

I have many customer groups. How FPC will handle that?

You can set best Magento Full Page Cache plugin's cache options for each customer group to make sure all blocks, prices, etc. are displayed correctly.

Is there a way to change the order in which the links are being crawled?

The order of links in the file is the order of their crawling. Read the full answer to get more information.

The core_cache table is constantly increasing. What can be done to resolve this issue?

Unfortunately, the current behavior is common for websites with a high quantity of pages and visits. Please read the long answer to learn a few workarounds for the problem. 

What server configuration is supported by FPC?

Amasty Full Page Cache module supports any server configuration, no additional software is required.

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