FAQ: Order Status

Order Status
Are customers notified when the status of their order is changed?

Yes, you can enable/disable automatic 'order status change' notifications or send the notifications manually for definite orders. Besides, a unique email template can be applied to each store view. Follow a step-by-step guide to make everything on the first try.

Are there ready email templates for custom order statuses?

Yes, you can send an email notification on a status change and choose a separate email template for each store view. Continue reading to see the screenshot.

Can custom emails include attachments?

This option is available only with customization.

Can I delete an order status created with this extension?

Yes, when creating a new status you see numerous option: order status 'pending payment', 'new', 'on hold', etc. To delete an unnecessary status you need to assign it a complete or closed state and delete it in the edit order status settings.

Status does not apply correctly. Empty cells are on the grid.
This happens because Magento limits status length by default. To fix the problem concerning Order Status extension, please execute the following 3 queries to your database: ALTER TABLE `sales_flat_order` CHANGE `status` `status` VARCHAR( 196 ) CHARACTER...
The button "Edit Default Order Statuses" does not appear.
The "Edit Default Statuses" button does not appear since Magento 1.5 version when Magento introduced it's own system for editing default statuses (System -> Order Status).The "Edit Default Statuses" button shows up only on Magento 1.4. In more recent...
What is the difference between Magento order status and order state?
Receive all the order data from one place even from multiple extensions from different vendors. How to get it? Try out our Magento 2 Order Export extension.The notions “order state” and “order status” are usually mixed up since their names and functions...
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