FAQ: Store Credit

Store Credit
Can clients combine store credit with other forms of payment?

Yes, it’s possible to use store balance and another available payment method to pay for one order, e.g.: combine store credit payment method with a bank card.

Can I let customers to buy only certain product types using store credit?

Yes, you can enable clients to buy only simple or only configurable products as well all types of products. Follow the link to learn about additional possibilities.

Can I make refunds to customers to their store credit balance?

Yes, of course. This is the best part of this extension as users will get a refund to a store credit balance (regardless of the payment method initially used by the customer). This way you turn them into new sales.

Can I see a report on how store credits are bought and used in my store?

Yes, the statistics can be seen in the admin panel. The report includes such showings as operation name, comment, customer's name, email, operation value, remaining credit, operation date and website (in case you have several store views) columns. Read on to see an example.

Can this extension send store credit to a friend?

Yes, this feature is included in this extension, so customers will have an opportunity to share their credit balance with friends.

How can a customer buy store credit?

For this, you need to create a 'Store Credit' product supplying it with all essential information. See how to make it correctly in the compelte answer.

Is this extension compatible with One Step Checkout modules?

This Store Credit module is 100% compatible with our One Step Checkout. Compatibility with other modules may require some customization.

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