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Blog Pro
Can I add a blog URL to my main top Magento navigation?

Yes, you can make a blog URL visible in the footer using a special option. Continue reading to see where to find it.

Can I add a snippet of latest blog post to the site pages?

Yes, the extension allows for adding a widget with latest blog posts to any page of a store. Read on to see the examples. 

Can I customize the layout of the blog?

Yes, with the use of the extension your blog inside Magento can be highly customized. This means you can choose one of the four layout types, as well as the number of listed posts on the homepage. Read on to see how to make all the settings.

Can I import blog posts from another blog?

Yes, it’s possible to import your previous blog posts if you used to have a blog on WordPress. Read on to see the settings.

Can I preview articles before posting them?

Yes, sure. Only this way you will be able to achieve the formatting you need.

Does this blog extension integrate Magento with another CMS like WordPress?

No, the extension doesn't offer Magento WordPress integration. However, you'll manage to add a blog within Magento, which eliminates any requrement for an additional website installation.

How do I add a link to my Blog to the Footer?

You can add a link to your blog to the footer using the 'Footer Menu Integration' setting. Read on to see how to make it.

How to hide the blog pages from search engine crawlers to avoid duplicate content issue?

Some of your posts may be included in multiple categories and have several tags. That's why different category and tag pages can posses the same content that search engines mark as duplicated. Hide these pages from indexation to avoid this problem.

Is it possible to have multiple authors on my Magento blog?

Yes, an author can be stated in post settings:

Magento Blog Pro by Amasty

Is the Blog Pro extension compatible with Amasty Google Invisible reCapcha?

Yes, there is compatibility between our Blog Pro and Google Invisible reCaptcha.

Follow the link below to see the settings.

Is this Blog Pro mobile-friendly?

Yes, our Blog Pro is absolutely mobile-friendly. The extension offers 4 layout types: desktop layouts for the main blog page and for a post page and the same ones for mobile devices.

What magento widgets can be added to my blog?

There is a number of useful widgets you can display on your blog for different reasons. Continue reading to see the full list.

Will blog posts URLs be added to my XML sitemap automatically?

Yes, as we don't create a separate blog sitemap, but add posts to the website sitemap.

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