FAQ: Order Attributes

Order Attributes
Are dependent attributes supported by the module?

Yes, Order Attributes extension supports dependent drop-downs. Conditions based on shipping method can be used as well.

Can a created attribute be displayed on the Order Grid?

Yes, it can be displayed. To get all order attributes to be displayed on the grid you need to make changes in the 'Attribute Configuration' section. Read on to see the screenshot.

Can I use created attributes in order-related emails and documents?

Yes, it’s possible to add custom checkout fields to the order-related emails and PDF documents (shipment emails, invoices, and packing slips).

Can I use different order attributes in my multiple store views?

Yes, it's possible to set different add sales order attribute per different store views.

Can I use Order Attributes only in one store in a multi-store configuration?

Each order attribute created by our extension can be seen on one store view and hidden on another.

Does this extension add attributes to existing checkout steps or to custom ones?

The Order Attributes extension adds new checkout fields to existing steps only,e.g.: business information, a delivery date, marketing questions, checkout comment, etc.

Does this Order Attributes module work with SOAP API v.2?

Unfortunately, only SOAP API v.1 is supported.

How to get/output order attribute value via PHP code in Magento 1?

For this, you need to use an appropriate code line. Go on reading to copy the code.

Is it possible to display the Order Attributes on the grid of the archived orders?

We regret to inform you that the Order Attributes aren't displayed on the grid of the archived orders by default. However, there is a workaround.

Is there a possibility to generate invoices by clicking on a created order attribute?

The requested functionality is not available in the extension out of the box. Read the full answer to get more information.

Is this plugin compatible with one step checkout extensions?

Usually Amasty modules have no conflicts with other 3-d party modules, but in case there will be any, just contact our support team.

The module is 100% compatible with our One Step Checkout plugin.

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