FAQ: Product Labels

Product Labels
Can I adjust labels position to display them correctly on my site?

Yes, you can move each magento product label to a fixed position + / - custom offsets.

Can I display multiple labels based on product attribute values?

Any number of labels can be applied to a product simultaneously: 'on sale', 'save 30%', '100% recyclable'. It's possible to show a label 'new' together with other labels for one image, e.g. to the right side of the product pic. If you want to show labels in different areas, you need to modify the template.

Custom calculated value
Sometimes you need to show not just attribute, but sum of attributes (like total length or new price)You can customize Product Labels extension to meet your needs, It's quite easy.Please open file app\code\local\Amasty\Label\Model\Label.php, find lines...
How to find CSS selector in Chrome browser
If you use Product Labels and have difficulties with finding CSS selector, please make the following easy steps:   1)  Hover the cursor over the image and right click mouse. 2)  Select Inspect. 3)  See the highlighted image code...
How to modify templates
If you have no idea how to modify templates of Product Labels Magento extension, please follow the instructions below.   1) Open file app/design/frontend/Your_Theme_Package/Your_Theme/template/catalog/product/list.phtml     ------- ...
What product types are supported by this Product Labels module?

A product image label can be applied to any type of products, our extension supports all of them.

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