FAQ: Duplicate Categories

Duplicate Categories
Are new products created while duplicating a category?

No, duplicate products are not created. This means that a copy of the original category will have already existing products assigned to it.

Can I change the name and description of the duplicated category only?

Yes, of course, you can change any settings of the category you’ve copied. Moreover, you can use a “Find and Replace” option on the “Duplicate Category” page. With this functionality, you can automatically modify category name, description, etc. Follow the link to see the settings. 

Can I copy all product relations while duplicating a category?

Yes, you can copy all product relations by choosing parent category for the duplicate on the Duplicate Category page. Read on to see the settings.

Does this extension have the ability to copy categories from one store view to another?

Yes, sure, the extension offers a possibility to copy categories from one store view to another. Go on reading to see how to make it correctly.

Does this extension mirror everything put in the original category even after the duplicate category is created?

While copying products from one category to another our module provides a one-time duplication option, so no new products are automatically added to the duplicate category once the original one gets updated.

Which particular category settings are duplicated with this extension?

If you copy categories with our extension, the following things are duplicated:

  • General information, including Description, Page Title, etc.
  • Display Settings
  • Custom Design (if applicable)
  • Products
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