FAQ: Product Feed For Magento 2

Product Feed For Magento 2
How to create a product feed after the mod installation on M2?
The easiest way to create Google feed is to use a built-in Feed wizard. Please go to Catalog> Feeds Profiles and click the “Setup Google Feed” button. You'll need to complete 7 steps. Please follow them one by one. The 1st step does...
How to create a product feed for Facebook Ads?
The thing is that both Google Merchant Center and Facebook Ads have the same template requirements for a data (product/catalog) feed. Please, feel free to use Google Template or duplicate the existing Google Feed, if you already have one. The difference...
How to solve the problems you can come across while configuring the product feed for M2?
Below we’ll cover the most common glitches a customer may come across while setting up the extension on their Magento 2. #1. The auto-generation of a product feed won't launch. What can I do? Two causes may affect the scheduled generation. The...
What does the M2 Product Feed extension make?
The extension allows you to sell products on different shopping engines (Google Merchant Center, Facebook Ads, Shopping.com, Amazon, Bing) exporting product attributes in xml., csv. and .txt files. The extension can’t work without setting it up correctly...
What should I check if the feeds are not being generated on a daily basis?

There are two factors that may affect scheduled feed generation. Please proceed to the full answer to find the most common reasons that may prevent your feed from being generated at a specified time.

Warnings and other difficulities after updating the extension to v2.3.0 or above

Updating Feed from v2.2.8 or older to v2.3.0 or newer requires few additional steps to complete this process successfully. Please check full answer for more details.

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