FAQ: Customer Attributes

Customer Attributes
Are customer attributes available using the Magento API?

Yes, attributes created using Customer Attributes extension are available via Magento API. These attributes work in the same way default do (like first name, birth date etc.). All actions that are possible with the default attributes, are also possible with the custom ones.

Can I add created customer attributes to order emails?

Yes, you can add the attributes to all customer related emails using special variables in the custom attributes configuration. Read on to get a step-by-step instruction.

Can I use created customer attributes on sales order grid?

Yes, you can add new Magento custom fields to the sales grid to sort and filter by them.

Can I use Customer Attributes only in one store in a multi-store configuration?

Each customer attribute created by our extension can be seen on one store view and hidden on another.

Can I use different customer attributes in my multiple store views?

Yes, it's possible to set different attributes per different store views. If you have a multi-language store, you can create the attributes in customer native language and remove/add fields to the registration form depending on the store view.

Can registration fields be changed depending on customers’ answers?

Yes, Magento registration fields can be changed, since the module has dependent attributes functionality. This means questions display specific questions depending on the answer to the main question.

Fields are not showing up on the registration page.
Please copy the extension template and layout files into the current theme folder that you're using.
How can new attributes be used with Magento API?

You can use new attributes with API having created two files and added them to different directories. Continue reading to see how to make correctly.

How to add new attributes inside a form?

Having decided to add new attributes inside a form, all you need is to insert a special code into the template. Go on reading to copy the code and make all the settings correctly.

How to get/output customer attribute value via PHP code?

With the usage of the module, you can output the value using a line of code. The patch and the settings are highlighted in a complete answer.

How to output the customer attribute value in the e-mail template?

For getting the variable in the email template you need to create a new template, get the customer attribute value to it through the code and assign the new template.

Is it possible to add or remove fields for the lists?

Yes, it's possible. Please contact us for custom development.

Is it possible to export/import created customer attributes?

Customer Attributes extension provides an option to export submitted values. However, there is no way to import this data.

Why are reviews and a form not displayed on the page?

Check the display settings, go through different variants. If the 'Custom Place' setting is selected, make sure you have made the necessary changes in the page's code. 
See whether reviews are displayed on the page having disabled our extension, maybe your theme doesn't support reviews.

Will new attributes be seen when creating a customer from backend?

Yes, all the new custom attribute fields for a customer will be automatically shown in the same order in your backend. You can add custom attributes to a customer profile and see the result immediately in the backend. Read on to see the screenshot.

Will this Customer Attributes extension work with one page checkouts?

Usually Amasty extensions have no conflicts with other 3-d party modules, but in case there will be any, just contact our support team.

The module is 100% compatible with our One Step Checkout plugin.

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