FAQ: Product Attachments

Product Attachments
Can I add product attachments to category or CMS pages?

Downloadable files can be added to product pages only since it’s the main purpose of this extension, e.g. attach a pptx, jpg, mp3, pdf file to a product page. If you need to add attachments to other types of pages, you can contact us for customization services.

Can I display product attachments in an existing block or tab on a page?

Yes, you can display attached files in an existing block or tab on a page. For this, you need to make relevant changes in the general settings of product attachments. Follow the link to see a screenshot.

Can I make a product attachment open in a new window?

The Autodetect File option allows for opening attached files right in a browser window instead of downloading them. Besides, each attachment will be automatically opened in a new tab.

Can I make product attachments visible to only a particular customer group?

Yes, you can easily choose which customer group can view particular files attached to the products in your store or whether to show the attachments to buyers who have already purchased the product. Read on to follow a step-by-step guide.

How to add product attachments into a separate tab?
This can be achieved by choosing the corresponding option in the Product Attachments general settings:  
Is it possible to import product attachments?

Yes, with the extension's option you can import file attachments. This can be either from the admin panel or via FTP.

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