FAQ: Shipping Restrictions

Shipping Restrictions
Amasty Shipping Restriction conflict with Shippingoverride2
To elimibate the conflict please: open the file  /app/code/community/Webshopapps/Shippingoverride2/Model/Shipping/Shipping.php add the following code:  /* Fix for Amasty Shipping Restrictions module */      ...
Can I hide a particular shipping method or carrier for some products?

Yes, any shipping method can be limited to the products you want through the attribute values. Go on reading to get how to make it.

Can I restrict a certain shipping method based on products added to cart?

Yes, the Shipping Restrictions extension allows restriction of a particular shipping method when a certain product is added to cart.

Can I restrict international shipping by categories?

Yes, you can restrict international delivery by product categories using Shipping Restrictions extension.

Can I restrict shipping based on a zip code?

Yes. With the extension, you can restrict shipping methods basing on states, cities, zip codes, regions, and countries.

Can I restrict shipping by customer attributes?

Yes, you can use customer attributes to create shipping rules. Any customer attributes like gender, date of user registration, name, etc. can be used for setting unique shipping conditions for a customer. Read on to see the screenshot.

Can I set restrictions on a product level?

Yes, you can limit shipping by product, customer attributes, cart subtotal, etc. The limitations can be set on a product level, customer groups, individual buyers, etc. Go on reading to see the example.

Can I show different language in Error Message on different language store view?

Yes, you just need to add the translation in the module CSV file: \app\locale\en_US\Amasty_Base.csv

Can I use restrictions per customer groups?

Yes, with Shipping Restrictions, you can restrict specific shipping methods for any customer group. All you need is to apply a method for a particular customer group. Go on reading to see the screenshot.

Can Shipping Restrictions extension split orders?

No, Shipping Restrictions module does not split orders. However, if a customer adds Product A and Product B to the shopping cart, while

Product A - Can only be shipped by shipping method 1;
Product B - Can only be shipped by shipping method 2,

the customer will see an error message and won’t be able to move to the next step.

Can this module be used to restrict shipping on certain days and times?

Yes, with the Shipping Restrictions extension, you can restrict shipping methods on particular days and even time periods.

Does this extension support multi-store configuration?

Yes, sure, the module supports multiple websites and multiple store views.

Is it possible to restrict shipping so show/hide shipping methods based on product category?

With the extension, you can limit shipping methods, such as free shipping, ground mail, etc. by categories, attributes, total quantity, country, etc. To show/hide methods basing on product category you should make changes in the conditions tab. Read on to see the screenshot.

Is it possible to set address validation?

Yes, with the use of the extension you can restrict shipping locations. You can set address validation and thus restrict particular addresses from shipping. To see the screenshot go on reading.

Is Shipping Restrictions module compatible with external shipping methods?

Usually, all our extensions, including this module that helps to restrict shipping methods, work perfectly with 3rd party modules. But even if there are any issues, our support specialists will fix them ASAP.

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