FAQ: Custom Stock Status

Custom Stock Status
Can I have different stock status for the same SKU depending on a store or website?

Yes, you can set up different Magento product statuses for different stores/websites.

Can I import stock statuses for my products?

Yes, sure. A stock status is a product attribute, so you can import it if needed. You can create stock statuses coming from products quantity, delivery time, like a 'coming soon' product status, etc.

Can I send “back in stock” alerts to customer who have subscribed to out-of-stock products?

Yes, it’s possible with our Custom Stock Status extension. Mind that “Back in stock” alerts can be sent only for simple options of configurable items.

How to configure quantity rules for individual products (groups of products)?
Custom Stock Status extension provides functionality to configure individual quantity rules for various product groups. Please check the full answer to see how it is done.
How to Use "Rules for Quantity Range Status"
If you want to use this feature in Custom Stock Status, please follow these steps: 1. To activate the rule, please go to: System > Configuration > Custom Stock Status 2. On General tab find "Activate rules for Quantity Range Status" and switch...
I installed your Stock Status extension but I don’t see its options on the frontend. What’s wrong?
Our module substitutes a native Magento availability option. If you don't have a stock status in the website design, our module won't show up.
What product types are supported by this Custom Stock Status extension?

Our module supports all product types: simple, configurable, downloadable, bundle, virtual and grouped.

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