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Color Swatches Pro
Can a particular option be preselected?

Yes, but Magento color swatch auto select works only if the preselected option has a single value. In other cases, you can use our Configurable Preselect extension.

Can all the attributes be visible on loading a page for the first time?

Yes, now you can make all the attributes visible on loading a page for the first time.

Can I create attributes different than color and use them in the same fashion?

Yes, with the extension you can create various attributes. Besides, you can assign images to all attributes, so your customers will be able to choose all the options of a configurable product on a category, product or search results pages. Go on reading to see the screenshot.

Can I use Color Swatches extension with custom options for product?

The Magento 2 Custom Options Swatches takes into account custom options’  when it calculates product's final price. Check the full answer to see the final price calculation model.

Can I use multiple images for one simple product added to the configurable one?

Yes, more than one image can be added for a single product in configurable swatches setup.

Can I use zoom and lightbox from my store theme?

Yes, the Magento Color Swatches extension with zoom and lightbox can be customized, so that you are able to use the features from your store theme. But you need to disable them in the module. Read on to see the settings.

Can the main image be changed when only one attribute out of two is clicked?

Yes, it is possible to change the main image only for one attribute, for example, for “color” but not for “size”.

Color swatches don't work on product page
There are several reasons why swatches are disabled in Color Swatches Pro extension. Let's consider them in details:   1. Conflict with other module. Solution: to check if there is a conflict, please open Troubleshooter. Troubleshooter is a ...
Does Color Swatch extension support multiple product attributes?

Sure. You can use as many attributes as you have in the configurable product.

Does Color Swatches Pro work for bundle products?

No, Color Swatches Pro extension supports only configurable products.

Does your extension support PNG images?

Yes, the module supports PNG images as well JPEGs.

How are out of stock products displayed?

Magento Color Swatch hides out of stock products. What's more, you can indicate what items of particular size or color are out of stock. Read on to see the screenshot.

How do I specify DOM selectors for Color Swatches Pro extension?
Color Swatches Pro extension employs AJAX functionality to update the information in the blocks of a product page without full page reload. It allows customers to receive the relevant information on a particular simple product on the fly. For a proper...
How to apply images from simple products as swatches for a configurable product in bulk?

With the extension, you can display any product attributes as swatches.

How to change configurable products images on mouse hover?
If you use Color Swatches Pro and want the images of configurable products to change on mouse hover, please complete a few simple steps:  1. Find the following file: \skin\frontend\base\default\js\amasty\amconf\configurableList.js   ...
I can’t upload the images
In case you can't upload images when using Color Swatches Pro extension, please, get acquainted with the following potential reasons:   1. There is no write permissions on the "media/amconf" folder. To fix the problem, please, open the ...
My site uses jQuery. Will there be any conflicts?

No, we have fixed all jQuery conflicts, so Color Swatches Pro will work on smoothly on your site.

Product image isn't changed
If you have such issue when running Color Swatches Pro extension, please, make sure if the simple product images are uploaded. Open Catalog/Manage Products/Associated Products and upload the required images as shown below:
The extension doesn't show swatches on category page
As far as you faced such problem while using Color Swatches Pro module, perhaps, there is no 'Add to Cart' button in your Magento theme. As a consequence, there are no swatches on category page.     To solve the problem, open Admin panel...
There is a fatal error while extension running
if you're running several extensions there may be a fatal error because of their conflict. Please, perform the next actions, which may help to you: Open app\code\local\Amasty\Conf\Model\Observer.php   and delete the following: if (!is_null...
Wrong product image is displayed in the shopping cart
If you want to display the image of a simple product added to the shopping cart, please check the following Magento settings: 1. System > Configuration > Checkout > Shopping Cart 2. Configurable Product Image > Product Thumbnail Itself...
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