FAQ: Pre Order

Pre Order
Can I assign pre order status to a category in bulk?

Yes, in case you have customized your Magento options with additional extensions for sorting products by category, you will need to use the 'Update Attributes' mass action and make changes in the back order field to assign the status to a category. Read on to see the example.

Can I restrict customers from adding both regular and pre-order items to a single order?

Unfortunately, you can’t create such restrictions with this Pre Order extension.

Can I see pre orders on the Magento Order Grid?

Yes, you can see the back order report in a separate column in the 'Orders' section. Go on reading to see the screenshot. 

How does the extension work with configurable, grouped and bundle products?

It is a simple product status which is taken into account. This means that the stock status of a configurable product, for example, will depend on the status of the simple product which is currently selected.

Is it possible to automatically email a customer once their product becomes available?

At the moment the extension doesn't send back order email notifications when pre-ordered products come back to stock.

Is it possible to split an order if one item is in stock and the other should be pre-ordered?

No, you can't split an order as the possibility is currently not supported by our Pre Order extension.

The module settings are specified, but the products for pre order are not displayed in the cart or not available for purchase.
The product’s Availability is Out of Stock. Solution: Turn off the option that automatically enables the Out of Stock status for products that reach a particular quantity limit.  One of possible solutions is to reconfigure preorder settings...
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