FAQ: Favorite Products

Favorite Products
Buttons like "Save Folder", "Update" don't match my custom theme.
Please adjust the Favorite Products extension templates in the app/design/frontend/[YOUR PACKAGE]/[YOURTHEME]/template/amlist/ folder, most likely you need to add one more <span> to the buttons.
How to create a CSV file to import lists of products via the `Amasty: Favorite Products` extension?

A customer can save shopping cart by importing a .csv file with favorite products.

Products get added to the folder twice.
There is might be a conflict with the AJAX cart software. Please open app/design/frontend/[YOUR PACKAGE]/[YOURTHEME]/template/amlist/rewrite/catalog_product_view_addto.phtml file and replace: productAddToCartForm.submit(); with  f.submit();
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