Shipping Rules

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Can I create shipping rules to restrict shipping?
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Can I set different flat fees for different product types?
Can I add a discount for certain postcodes?
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Will this extension allow handling shipping price by custom options of products?
Can I set particular shipping rules for certain customer groups only?
Can I have different shipping rules for different store views?
Can Shipping Rules module create new shipping methods?
I’ve created a shipping rule but a new shipping method won’t appear. Why?
Can I modify shipping rates only for certain products?
Can multiple shipping rules be applied to the shopping cart simultaneously?
Can I prevent shipping to PO Box addresses?
Can I restrict a shipping method per item with Shipping Rules?
Can this module calculate the price of shipping based on weight?
I’ve created the rule for particular categories, but it doesn’t work with configurable products.
I can’t choose a particular attribute when creating the rule as it’s not displayed in the attributes list.