FAQ: Shipping Rules

Shipping Rules
Can I add a discount for certain postcodes?

Yes, the Shipping Rules extension allows for using a wide range of showings for rules creation, as well as different algorithms for discounts. By making changes in the address conditions of the rules configuration you can set the desired shipping postcodes. Read on to see the screenshot. 

Can I change the name of a shipping method with Shipping Rules?

No, there is no such an option.

Can I create shipping rules to restrict shipping?

Shipping Rules  extension only replaces, gives discounts or surcharges standard rates according to the rules you set. If you need to restrict a particular shipping methods please use the Shipping Restrictions module by Amasty.

Can I have different shipping rules for different store views?

Yes, shipping rules can be set based on different customer groups as well as store views. To apply the rules for particular stores you need to make changes in the rule configuration section. To see the screenshot follow the link.

Can I modify shipping rates only for certain products?

Yes, with the Shipping Rules extension you can choose for what products to modify the shipping rates. You can make it through creating appropriate conditions in the rule configuration section. Follow the link to see a screenshot.

Can I prevent shipping to PO Box addresses?

If you need such a feature, you should use our Shipping Restrictions instead of Shipping Rules.

Can I restrict a shipping method per item with Shipping Rules?

No, you would better consider our Shipping Restrictions module to achieve this.

Can I set different flat fees for different product types?

Yes, you can do this with our Shipping Rules extension. You can set a Magento shopping cart rule depending on a product type. 

Can I set free shipping for certain postcodes?

Yes, sure. A Magento free shipping rule can be set by making changes in the address conditions of the rule configuration. Go on reading to see the example.    

Can I set particular shipping rules for certain customer groups only?

Yes, sure. You can set shopping cart price rules based on a customer group. To apply a rule for a particular customer group you should make changes in the rule configuration. Read on to see the screenshot.

Can multiple shipping rules be applied to the shopping cart simultaneously?

No, a product can have only one active shipping rule at a time. If no conditions are specified on the Product tab, only one shipping rule will be applied to the whole shopping cart.

Can Shipping Rules module create new shipping methods?

No, the extension works only with existing shipping methods, therefore, you won't be able to create shipping methods

Can this module calculate the price of shipping based on weight?

If you need to calculate shipping cost based on product attributes, including weight, you should use our Shipping Table Rates extension.

I want to use this extension in combination with other shipping modules. Will it work?

The module is compatible with most of the shipping extensions that implement Magento shipping interface. If there are any conflicts, we will fix them for you.

Shipping Rules extension is 100% compatible with our Shipping Table Rates and Shipping Restrictions.

Is it possible to charge the actual cost of shipping after the order is placed?

No, shipping cost can be charged only during the checkout.

I’ve created a shipping rule but a new shipping method won’t appear. Why?
Our Shipping Rules module works only with existing shipping methods, it doesn’t create new ones. So a shipping method should present regardless of any shipping rules created by our extension.
Will the extension allow adding a surcharge for certain shipping methods for particular products?

Yes, sure. The module allows you to add shipping surcharge for live rates of particular groups of products.

Will this extension allow handling shipping price by custom options of products?

No, Magento shopping cart price rules don't work with custom options, but work with attributes only.

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