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Product Parts Finder

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Can a single SKU have multiple options combinations?
Can I add a Finder to a page layout instead of a CMS block?
Can I assign multiple models to a single SKU?
Can I change the number of available options once a Finder is created?
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Can I have more than 3 drop-down portions?
Can this Product Parts Finder be used with multiple languages?
Can this Product Parts Finder show Disabled or Not Visible Individually products?
How can I add Parts Finder block on homepage?
How to add finder to the home page?
I have set up everything but after clicking “Find” I still see all products/no products.
I see all or no products when filtering from the home page
Is it possible to search products within a particular category?
Is there a way to bulk import year/make/model data?
Is there any possibility to skip a step while filtering products?
My products already have years and models assigned. Can the module use this data?
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