FAQ: Product Parts Finder

Product Parts Finder
Can a single SKU have multiple options combinations?

Yes, a single SKU can have multiple options combinations when one SKU fits for several vehicles. 

Can I add a Finder to a page layout instead of a CMS block?

Yes, you can add a product filter widget to any page via the amfinder.xml file. Read on to see the screenshot with the step-by-step instruction.

Can I assign multiple models to a single SKU?

Yes, you can upload the same SKU for different sets of brands / model numbers. It's often used for car part finder when a detail suits different models. 

Can I change the number of available options once a Finder is created?

No, it’s not possible since the number of options is set at the beginning of finder creation, it cannot be changed after that.

Can I filter results by category once the search is complete?

Yes, sure. After a search from the homepage, you can refine search filters by category, price, etc. See the complete answer to learn all the pitfalls.

Can I have more than 3 drop-down portions?

Yes, with the filters of the year-make-model kind you can have more than 3 options, e.g. year/make/model/engine. As a matter of fact, the number of options is not limited.

Can this Product Parts Finder be used with multiple languages?

Yes, you can translate all labels in the CSV file (including car names if needed).

Can this Product Parts Finder show Disabled or Not Visible Individually products?

Our Parts Finder filters products in categories by SKUs. If some product is not visible in the category used by the Finder, it won’t be shown in the results.

How can I add Parts Finder block on homepage?

In order to add and employ the Product Parts Finder block on the homepage, it is required to add the finder block code:

block class="Amasty\Finder\Block\Form" block_id="finder_form" location="cms" id="2"

in the Content text field of the CMS page "Homepage". After that flush your Magento cache and check how it works for you.

How to add finder to the home page?

To let your customer use Magento product filter on the home page, you need to create a new product finder, which is to be used for the need. Go on reading to see a bit-by-bit guide.

I have set up everything but after clicking “Find” I still see all products/no products.
Please check the following things: A page you see after clicking “Find” is a category page and it has products assigned to it. Our Product Finder is a filter, so it will work only if there are items in the category you are using for filtering...
I see all or no products when filtering from the home page
If you have such issue when running Product Parts Finder extension, please create a static block called "Parts Finder" with the content {{block type="amfinder/form" id="1"}}   Then open the store root category, switch to the display options tab...
Is it possible to search products within a particular category?

Yes, you can place the product search on the category page and it will find items by the given category only.

Is there a way to bulk import year/make/model data?

When running a Magento car store you can bulk import year/make/model data. The extension is optimized for transferring larger volumes of information in a faster way. Read on to see the instructions.   

Is there any possibility to skip a step while filtering products?

Yes, it's possible to skip steps. For example, one can choose only model and skip other options. Mind that the first option is required and cannot be skipped.

My products already have years and models assigned. Can the module use this data?

This data can’t be used directly as the Parts Finder needs only products SKUs. However, the attributes may be useful if you decide to create a file to import it into the Finder.

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