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GeoIP Redirect

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How can I test redirects for different countries?
Is it possible to block and redirect IPs from certain nations with this extension?
Can I exclude certain IP addresses, so that they would not be redirected?
Can I redirect visitors between store views but not websites?
Can I disable GeoIP redirection for a certain store view only?
Can customers switch to any other available language and currency manually?
Can I disable an option to switch languages and locations manually?
Does this GeoIP switcher work with CloudFlare?
What geoip databases are used?
There is no currency in dropdown in Country to Currency Switch. What’s wrong?
Visitors are not redirected. What can be wrong?
I can’t import GeoIP data.
How can I configure Country to Store View Redirect?
Visitors are redirected only during first visit/ visitors are not able to switch store view.
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