FAQ: One Step Checkout

One Step Checkout
Can PayPal be set up as one of the payment methods?

Sure, you can use PayPal with the module as well as Braintree, SagePay, etc. Our extension supports all popular payment methods.

Custom fields disappear if a customer has the address specified in his account. How to make these fields reappear?

Our Checkout's custom fields (which can be managed at System > Amasty One Step Checkout ) are being processed and saved as customer's address. These fields' content can be edited as a part of existing address adjustment and new address adding. Order Attributes extension can add address-independant custom Checkout fields if needed.

Does this extension support custom CSS to change the appearance?

Yes, the extension supports custom CSS. You can also choose Magento checkout page layout.

How to enable GeoIP?
To enable Geo IP it is necessary to download IP database files and import them into your database. Put them into the following folder (create folder if it does not exist): app/code/local/Amasty/Scheckout/sql/geoip/ and click "Process" at System >...
Is this One Step Checkout responsive?

With the extension, you won't have Magento checkout slow on mobile devices, as it's surely responsive. We understand that this is very important since many purchases happen via mobile devices. 

Watch the video to find more information on responsive layout:

Is your One Step Checkout compatible with your other modules?

Yes, it’s fully compatible with our other extensions which can be used in combination to achieve great results, like Abandoned Cart Email or Order Attributes.

The orders that my customers place have 'Processed' status by default. I want 'Invoiced'. Where can I alter it?

New order status depends on Payment method settings which are located at: System > Configuration > Sales > Payment Methods. Please check the list of available payment methods and set a correct status for new orders. Our Checkout extension doesn't alter this behavior.

Address Auto Suggest troubleshooting
Most common difficulities (and most effective solutions for these) related to Address Auto Suggest are described here. Proceed to the full answer to get a step-by-step guide.

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