FAQ: Google Rich Snippets

Google Rich Snippets
Can I add rich snippets to category pages?

Yes, you can add rich snippets breadcrumbs markup to your category page. Additionally, you can display average rating of the products found in a particular category as well as the cheapest product price.

Can I add rich snippets to my home page?

Yes, of course. The Organization and Search Box markup can be added to a store’s homepage.

Does it work with Yotpo reviews?

If you run other Yotpo plan than Lite, the extension works with it. Read on to see the details.

Does this module add rich snippets to all products at once?

Yes, once you enable rich snippets for products, the markup will be added to all items automatically, so there is no need to waste your time by adding markup to products one by one.

How can I check that the Rich data was added to the product page after I enabled the extension settings?

Rich Data is added to the source code of your website pages. Continue with the complete answer to learn how to check it.

How does this Rich Snippets module work with configurable products?

The Rich Snippets module uses information of configurable products to display rich snippets in two ways. To see how to use the options correctly address the complete instruction.

How long should I wait for rich snippets to appear in Google?

There is no universal answer to this question as it depends on many factors, for example, how often your site is crawled by Google.

Once you’ve enabled rich snippets for your store, check them in Google Data Highlighter. If everything is ok, you will need to wait for Google to re-crawl your site and understand the markup found there.

Is this Rich snippets extension compatible with a multi-store configuration?

Yes, sure. The module works fine in a multi-store environment.

I’ve enabled the Search Box markup but it still won’t show up in Google. Why?
Unlike other types of markup, search box markup will work only if Google already displays it for your site. This markup ensures that all the searches performed in this search box in Google SERPs will be redirected to search results found on your site...
What product types are supported by this Rich Snippets extension?

Our module supports all types of Magento products, except for bundle ones.

Will this module add rich snippets to already existing products?

Yes, the changes you make with this extension are applied retrospectively, so all products will get rich snippets, no matter when the former were created.

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