FAQ: Multiple Coupons

Multiple Coupons
Can I allow customers to use several coupons from the same promo rule?

Yes, our extension has a special option for that. Follow the link to see the settings.

Can I limit the number of coupons a customer can use per order?

Yes, sure. For your convenience, there is a special setting to complete this. You just need to go to System > Configuration > Multiple coupons and set the limit in the “Maximum number of coupons for order” field.

Can I restrict certain coupons to be used with other discount codes?

Yes, with our Multiple coupons extension you can specify a list of discount codes which can be used individually only. Read on to set it up correctly.

Can multiple coupon codes be entered via admin while creating an order?

Yes, sure. All you need is to add the codes to the coupon field. Go on reading to see how to make the settings.

Can several coupons be used by guest customers?

Yes, multiple coupons can be applied by both registered and guest customers.

Does the module work with already existing coupons?

Yes, of course. Our Multiple Coupons module works with all the coupons you have already crated. So there is no need to re-create them after installing the extension.

Does the module work with One Step Checkout extension?

Yes, you can include promo codes in a checkout form, add disocunt coupons to Magento one page checkout, etc. Read on to see an example.

How does the sequence of the added coupons get determined?

If different discount coupon codes are added, e.g.: a percentage based coupon and then a coupon with an absolute amount the final price is calculated according to native Magento rules.

What to do if discount block disappeared?
If you faced this issue when running Multiple Coupons, please copy the module template app\design\frontend\default\default\template\amcoupon\checkout\cart\coupon.phtml to your custom theme and refresh the cache.
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