FAQ: Out of Stock Notification

Out of Stock Notification
Are out of stock notifications available for guest users?

Yes, this feature is available out of the box. There is no need to configure anything - the extension will display e-mail box for guest users instead of the subscribe link.

Are there any ready-to-use email templates for out-of-stock notifications?

The Out of Stock Notification extension offers a set of ready-made templates like 'out of stock email' or 'stock notification email', which can be customized if needed. If you want develop your own notifications read on.

Can alerts subscription be disabled for certain products?

Yes, with this extension you can enable the stock alerts block for all products by default and disable the display for particular items. If you need the out of stock disable, you should make some changes in the general product imformation. Follow the link below to see all the details.

Can you only enable/disable stock alerts on a store-view level?

No, it’s possible only on a website level due to native Magento Stock Alerts configuration.

Does this extension work with Color Swathes modules?

Our Out of Stock Notifications plugin is compatible with the overwhelming majority of 3d party extensions. But in case any issues occur - our support team will instantly help you to solve them.

The module is 100% compatible with our Color Swatches Pro extension.

Does this extension work with multiple options in one product?

Yes, sure. Users can subscribe to a combination of options like color and size.

I can't send notifications
If you can't send notifications while using Out of Stock Notification module, please see the guidance below.   NOTE: Notifications won’t be sent as soon as products back to stock, it will be sent according to the schedule.   ...
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