FAQ: Extended Product Grid with Editor

Extended Product Grid with Editor
Can different sets of columns be used by other admins?

Yes, each of your admins can make product grid customization in keeping with his/her needs. Thus, different admins can run a handy grid template. Read on to see the details.

Can I add product attributes to the show on the Product Grid?

Yes, you can add any product attributes like Stock Availability, Product thumbnail image, color, brand, etc.

Can I edit custom product attributes on the grid?

Yes, our Extended Product Grid extension allows adding custom product attributes and edit them right from the Magento admin grid.

Can I set the order of columns?

Yes, you can choose in which order the columns should be displayed, a drag-and-drop option is available to adjust the layout.

Can the product quantity sold be displayed on the grid?

Yes, right on the Magento custom product grid you can see items quantity that's been sold in a fixed time period. All it takes is to specify the time period you want to check. Follow the link to see the screenshot.

How can I edit anything on the grid?

You can edit any product information right on the Magento product grid. You can change product status, visibility, attributes, etc. Read on to see the complete instructions.

How to add special price to Extended Product Grid?

You need to enable special price in the product grid settings. You can add any product attributes as columns to your product grid right from the Grid Attribute Columns list. Go on reading to see the screenshot.

I need to filter products by category. Is that possible with your extension?

Yes, the Magento grid filter allows for filtering products by category when browsing products on the grid. To see the screenshot read on.

Is it possible to download/export the grid view?

With the Extended Product Grid Extension, you can export all advanced product grid data to CSV or XML file.

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