FAQ: Extended Order Grid

Extended Order Grid
Can I change the order of the added columns on my Order Grid?

Yes, sure, there is such a possibility. You can add columns to order grid or change the columns order in System > Amasty Extended Order Grid.

Can I filter orders by attributes in the columns added by this extension?

Yes, sure. For example, you can filter orders by customer email, company, city, product brand, coupon code, in fact, by any attribute you’ve added to the Product Grid.

How to find column ID for Extended Order Grid column sorting?
To find column ID you can use ‘inspect element’ browser tool on column name:   You will see something like this: <a href="#" name="I_am_order_id" title="asc" class="not-sort"><span class="sort-title">Order #</span...
Is it possible to add custom product attributes to Magento Order Grid with this extension?

Yes, you can easily add custom product attributes to the order grid. Follow the step-by-step instructions to see how it works. 

Is it possible to state the width of each column?

Yes, this option is available to help you make your Magento order grid handy. To see how to make it see a screenshot of settings.

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