FAQ: Mass Order Actions

Mass Order Actions
Can I change the order status without invoicing or shipping order?

Yes, you can change an order status if needed. Just choose the “Change status” mass action and the status itself on the order grid. These changes do not trigger invoicing or shipping of the order.

Does this module send notifications to clients when bulk order status changes are made?

Yes, now you can send notifications on any mass status change/new comments added to an order. For this, you will need to configure Mass order Actions. To see how to make it on the first try read a complete answer. 

Does this module work with Magento default custom order statuses?

Yes, your existing order statuses can be used and will not be mixed.

If you need to expand functionality, you can use our Order Status extension. It’s fully compatible with Mass Order Actions. The module will let you create statuses for different states and have e-mail templates for the statuses.

How to create a CSV file import tracking numbers via the `Amasty: Mass Order Actions` extension?
1) CSV is a text format for presenting tabular data. Each file line is a row of a table. Column values are separated from one another by a delimiter (comma in this case). If the value contains a delimiter or a space, then you need to enclose this value...
Which new order action will I get?

Here is a list of new mass actions added to Magento order grid by this extension:Invoice; Invoice > Capture;Invoice > Ship; Invoice > Capture > Ship; Capture > Ship; Capture; Ship; Change Status; Add Comment. To see how to enable/disable the actions read on. 

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