FAQ: Multi Warehouse Inventory for Magento 2

Multi Warehouse Inventory for Magento 2
Does it work with multistore setup?

Yes, the extension works with the multistore setup. So you can provide certain customer groups with different privileges like free shipping for a customer group. 

Does Multi Warehouse Inventory extension support Magento SOAP API and REST API?

Yes, our extension allows updating & retrieving stock data using Magento SOAP API v1, v2 and Magento REST API.

Follow the link below to see the settings.

How many orders will be placed in case the purchase has two products from different warehouses?

According to extension logic two orders should be placed.

Follow the link below to get more information.

I see no link for Warehouses under Advanced Inventory in product edit page. What may be wrong?

If a simple product does not have weight, Magento converts it into a virtual product and such products cannot be assigned to Warehouse. Follow the link below to see the settings.

Is it possible to bind a warehouse to a certain way of shipping? For example: one warehouse uses UPS and the other FeDex.

No, it's not possible to bind a warehouse to the certain way of shipping, but there is a workaround we can offer. Read the full answer to learn the details.

Is there a way to display a product quantity per each warehouse on a product page?

The Warehouse extension does not have such settings, but the required result can be achieved with the help of Customizable Options for a product. Read the full answer to see the settings.

Is there a way to import stock data in the Multi Warehouse Inventory with a cron job?

Unfortunately, no. There is no possibility to import stock data automatically. Read the full answer to get more information. 

How are the same products with different stock displayed in two separate Warehouses assigned to different Store Views? What status will they have for each Warehouse?

The products will have the corresponding status, depending on their settings per Store View. If a product has qty 0 in one Warehouse the stock will be changed to out-of-stock automatically on the front-end of the assigned store view. To get more information, please read the full answer.

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