FAQ: SMTP Email Settings

SMTP Email Settings
Does this SMTP extension allow multistore setup?

Yes, sure. Our module is fully compatible with multistore configuration.

I can’t make SMTP work with my email provider. What’s wrong?
In case you face some issues with the popular email providers, please check whether you have allowed the usage of the third-party apps. The problem may be in the security limitation and without changing some security settings you may face the incorrect...
I'm getting AUTHORIZATION FAILED 534 5.7.14 error in the debug log but my credentials is 100% correct. What should I do?

The extension can't use mail server to send anything due to mismatching login credentials. If you are sure provided credentials are 100% correct please proceed with READ the Full answer link.

I'm getting connection refused or connection timed out error in debug log. What should I check?

If you're connecting from behind the firewall, make sure the firewall rules allow you to connect the specified mail server. 

Is there a way to log and view the emails sent to guest customers?

With this extension you can see detailed email logs of all the letters sent right in your Magento admin panel.

Test email is being sent fine while order confirmation email is not. How can I troubleshoot?

Here are the most frequently reported causes: 1) Order confirmation emails, invoices, etc are not being sent out. 2) Logs are not recorded. 
If you have one of the above-mentioned symptoms, please click READ the Full answer link below.

What email servers are supported by this SMTP extension?

Our SMTP module can be configured to send emails via Yahoo, Gmail or any other third-party SMTP server. Note that reputable SMTP providers may increase your chances of reaching your customers. Click here to see why. Due to a pre-defined data autofill option you will just need to choose a certain SMTP provider, and other fields ('Server Address', "Port", "Connection Security", etc.)  will be filled in automatically.

What should I do if emails are not being sent out via Amasty SMTP extension?

Having troubles with sending emails? Try disabling the extension in main module configuration page and check if you're getting the same result with Magento default PHP sendmail. Please proceed to READ the Full answer link to get further instructions.

What types of authentication/encryption are supported?

Our Magento SMTP extension supports authentication with standard cryptographic protocols: SSL and TLS. TLS is constantly improving. Please click here for more information.

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